New apartment, downtown Colorado Springs

The new apartment is coming along pretty well. We like living downtown because it’s walking distance to all the restaurants, bars, etc. that we like to go to. Also there’s a shuttle for when we’re freeeeezing. Last weekend we were drinking and playing pool at home (yea, we have a pool table, whole other story) when at about midnight we decided we wanted to head downtown to see what was going on. We met some crazy people on the shuttle, went to a bar with them, ran into some other friends of ours, brought them back home and didn’t go to bed till 4:00. Yes, I’m 25. Anyway that’s the kind of thing we do now which aside from our old neighborhood being full of gross people, is why we wanted to move down here in the first place. Also my work is soooo slow now, I guess because of the economy (altho February has always been our slowest month). I only have 2 or 3 shoots a month scheduled for awhile now. So I can go out and get crazy and have drunk people over who mess up my house cuz I have plenty of free time to sleep and clean.

Here are some pics:

Kitchen befores and afters. The checkerboard floor is “fake”. It’s sheet goods that I put down just for shoots, right on top of the hideous carpet (DM’s brilliant solution!). We haven’t found a permanent yet inexpensive solution to the hideous carpet yet.

The bathroom was gross. I had it painted pink, then cleaned it and DM scraped off all whatever that crap on the sink was, I scraped the ridiculous white caulk off the tile grout (which is grey) and redid it with clear caulk (it should have been regrouted but hey, if the landlord wants caulk, I’ll do caulk). Then DM pulled up the gross green shag carpet (which you can only barely see there) and we painted the floor red. There was a small passthru/hallway type thing between the kitchen, pool room, and bathroom and I thought, hey, that would be a good dressingroom for the girls. So a curtain, a mirror, and some hooks later and there it is. I’m still working on the lighting for the pics of the girls- it’s kinda hard with the red floor and pink walls.

I don’t have many before/afters of the rest of the house (still haven’t found a cord for my external hard drive, what an endless and frustrating thing that has been). But when I do I’ll post more. Meanwhile, here are some shots I did in the pool room- which is also a “library”.