Nickels and Dimes

Ok so, we’re not poor. We’re really not. We have decent jobs, money in savings, some credit card debt but not 10’s of thousands, no car payments, no student loans. But sometimes things get tight (with me working freelance and trying to support a home in Los Angeles that I don’t even live in). We also like to travel and want to save up for some fun trips.

Rather than burn thru our savings we want to cut our expenses. Our main expenses are food and going out. We like going out drinkin’. And eatin’.  As you can probably tell from this blog. At the moment we spend about $125 a week on groceries and probably between $75 and $125 going out to eat and drink. We want to change this to about $75 per week in groceries and $ 50- $75 per week in going out. This CAN happen and we’ll keep you posted as to how we do it without ruining our lives.

I shop at Whole Foods because healthy food that doesn’t wreck the earth is important to me. I’ve been to Safeway and I am not convinced that it’s cheaper than Whole Foods. Maybe Walmart is but there’s so much wrong with Walmart that I can’t bring myself to shop there unless it’s an emergency. So I’ll probably continue to shop at Whole Foods and let you in on some of their good deals.

Another way to save money that we recently discovered by accident is that there are a hell of a lot of Happy Hours here in Colorado Springs. And they’re not just at normal Happy Hour time, either, some of them are in the middle of the night! Awesome! We’ll let you know about these, too.