No donuts at The Donut Mill, but Joanie’s picks up the slack

When you go to a place called The Donut Mill, I think it’s reasonable to expect donuts.

We woke up with a hankerin’ for donuts, and since good donuts are scarce in the COS, we bundled up and headed on out to Woodland Park for a sugar fix. On the way, we debated whether they were open. It was a Sunday, after all, and local businesses are notorious for being closed at all the wrong times.

The Donut Mill was open, though. Excellent. The Donut Mill doesn’t hate money. But wait. What’s this? Did I hear correctly? “Out of donuts”? It’s true. At 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning, The Donut Mill is out of donuts.

Looked like they had plenty of biscuits and gravy, though. But they’re not The Biscuits and Gravy Mill. Or The Ice Cream Mill. What gives?

So we left disappointed — until we passed Joanie’s Deli. Joanie’s is open daily. Every day. And the food selection was incredible. After a lot of deliberation, we settled on a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese for Adrienne, while I had a cherry-cheese croissant/danish. Hard decision, because everything looked so good.

Joanie’s does everything right:

  • They accept credit cards.
  • They’re open every day at consistent hours.
  • They have an easy-to-navigate and informative website.
  • Customer service was outstanding. The woman who took our order was very pleasant — and not just to me because I’m so handsome. She was that way with everyone she dealt with.
  • Clean, attractive, comfortable dining area.
  • The food. A great variety, and while we had only a small item each, they were delicious, and it’s hard to imagine the rest of Joanie’s fare being any less.

So The Donut Mill was a disappointment, but thanks to Joanie’s, it wasn’t a wasted trip.

The deli case and menu board at Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado.
Joanie's has it all. Breakfast, lunch, desserts. Glad we stumbled onto it.
Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado
I had the cherry-cheese danish, and Adrienne just had a bagel. But we'll be back.
Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado
Joanie's Deli is just down the street from The Donut Mill, which was inexplicably out of donuts.

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