Olive Branch, Southside Johnny’s, Asian Pacific Market Colorado Springs, Walnut Room Denver, How to Make A Perfect Egg Sandwich

Remember when I made the focaccia? Here’s how it came out. It was yummy!

I thought these lemons were pretty.

I forget what this was- some Mexican breakfast item I made.

Homemade pizza. I made the crust extra super thin which was good. But I want to try some different flours to really get a good flavor going.

The Olive Branch in Colorado Springs. DM had a turkey burger.

I had a veggie melt. They were both really good, as usual.

One night we went up to Denver to see DMs fav singer Hayes Carll. It was at The Walnut Room which is a neat old pizza place and bar.

The pizza was really good. Really thin crust! My fave!

Hee hee, silly self portraits.

I haven’t posted anything for a long time because not much has been going on. So I wanted to have SOMETHING to post so I took these pictures of how to make an egg sandwich. VERY EXCITING!
First I fry the eggs. I like them over hard, with a broken yolk, and kinda crispy.

And I like smushed avocado on it.

And also lettuce.

Toasted bread with mayo on one side and avocado on the other.

Then lettuce on the mayo side.

Then the egg on the avocado side.


DM liked it.

Cookie Puss laying in the sun.

This was flank steak with roasted tomatoes and polenta with balsamic reduction sauce, a la Martha Stewart. It was really tasty even tho it doesn’t look that great in this shot. In the summer, we can grill the steak and it will look prettier.

Time for a walk in the cold. It hasn’t snowed all that much, but it has been COOOOOOOOOOLD.

We walked down to Starbucks and then sat in the park to drink our coffees. I was hot at this point from being so bundled up, walking, and then drinking coffee that it was nice to sit outside.

Yummy salad.

This was a really good pasta I threw together with Italian chicken sausage, spinach, carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, and fresh mozerella.

Super Bowl Sunday DM had to work so I went out for a drink and some dinner at a local bar (Southside Johnny’s) with my friend Janel.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 11 and 12 because that’s Dangermike’s weekend, he had to work on Valentine’s day. I am still sick from like a month ago and was draggggging all day. We napped on and off all day Thursday but I did manage to go to the store so I could get provisions for Valentine’s breakfast and dinner.  For breakfast I made banana stuffed french toast with carmelized syrup. It was totally awesome!

Most of Friday we napped, too. We have both been sooooo out of it. I have no idea why. But we did manage to get up and have dinner and exchange gifts.I got DM a tee shirt and a sweater from H and M when I was in LA at Christmas. Thinking ahead! He loves the H and M stuff so I have to always think ahead.

 I had a chance to go get some extra long spaghetti in L.A. last week (they don’t have it here of course) and some See’s candy (another thing they don’t have here, sheesh). So anyhow, I made the extra long spaghetti for Valentine’s dinner. 

Pretty, huh? 

Crazy foam! I did it the jar way. I dunno what happened this time, it usually doesn’t make this good of foam.

DM got me an All Clad open fry pan (kind of like a wok) that I’ve been wanting for like a hundred years so I was pretty excited! I had bought some baby bok choy at the Asian Pacific Market here before I went to L.A. It was suuuuuuuuuuper cheap (and it’s my favorite), like $89 cents for two bunches. It’s like $5 for that much at Whole Foods and they don’t always have it. Anyhow I cooked it up with some olive oil and garlic and it was awesome.

That’s all for now! maybe when the weather warms up I’ll be able to post a FEW more things besides just the food I’ve made!