One travel trailer mystery: Solved

The Internet is a magical place.

Just when I had given up on finding out what kind of travel trailer I have, the Internet delivers an unexpected gift.

I did a YouTube search for “travel trailer battery” to see what some battery systems looked like. A few videos down the list was this one:

The interior looked similar, so I kept watching. And at the very end, there it was. An identical trailer. But I couldn’t read the name plate!

Turns out that though we may disagree about “Zionist media manipulation” or other touchy political subjects, Free Love America responded quickly to my query, and I know now that the trailer I have is a Play-Mor. Specifically, a Play-Mor Model 150. The company is still in business, though its focus has shifted to toy-haulers and motorsports.

It’s exciting to finally have an answer. Now I need to find some ’70s-era name plates to replace our lost ones.

Thank you, Internet. Thank you very much.