Our continuing mission: Cheeseburgers

Here’s the thing about cheeseburgers: There’s no perfect one. Trying to find The Best is futile, and the right thing to do is to simply try them all. Then try them again.

I like thick, drippy sit-down-restaurant burgers, flimsy drive-in burgers, burgers with a beer. Or a shake. I like chipotle burgers, barbecue burgers, jalapeno burgers. Bison? Sure. I even like the iconic McDonald’s cheeseburger.

We had, at some point, thought we should put together a comprehensive collection of the Springs-area’s cheeseburgers, along with our thoughts on each. But it was too much for us. The cheeseburger landscape here is simply too vast, too overwhelming for this humble blog, though we do address the cheeseburger frequently.

But Bryce Crawford over at the Indy took on the task in this week’s issue. (It’s important to note that Mr. Crawford has the backing of the mainstream media, with a budget of probably thousands and thousands of dollars, so we really can’t compete on that level.)

A few things: One, he didn’t mention Drifter’s, which was a huge mistake. I’m surprised his car wasn’t vandalized. Thankfully, readers pointed out his error. Two, the Indy put this up online as a PDF, virtually guaranteeing that fewer people will read it. Weird. Three: In the entire review, I didn’t see the word unctuous. How can a professional writer talk about cheeseburgers without using unctuous?

All of the puzzling quirks aside, the package shows that the Springs-area cheeseburger is a voyage, an exploration. A shifting and evolving conversation over drinks.

We might not find any answers on this trip; we might not find The Best. But it’s a journey we need to take.

Drifter's cheeseburger
I am never not in the mood for a Drifter's cheeseburger.