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L.A. restaurants

Last week I went to L.A. We ate at the usual spots! First was Amici Trattoria. I have to figure out how to make this stuff! Mom had a salad that I didn’t get a picture of. Next up was my fave, Recess Eatery in Glendale. We actually went there a couple times, once just

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Alice’s Mexican Cuisine: C

If you’re a Mexican restaurant and you charge for extra chips and salsa, you’re cheap. I understand we’re in a recession, but come on, Alice’s Mexican Cuisine. You really can’t let me have that second basket of chips and the thimble of salsa for

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Home improvement and home cookin’

Mike has been posting about all the home improvement projects he’s been up to, but he’s left a few of them out. I had my Weber gas grill shipped from LA and it arrived in about a million little pieces. It only took a couple hours and he had it all back together!

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