Phantom Canyon

OK, we’ve been here a few times, and it’s never really been terrible. Something, though, prevents it from being a favorite place. Not sure why. The beer is good. The food is good. Outstanding, even. There’s pool. It’s hardly ever crowded or obnoxious. Not too loud. On paper, this is the best place on earth. But it’s just OK to me. Wonder why.

Today, we had the chicken fingers. Very tasty. She had a hefeweizen, and I had some sort of other beer that resembled a lager. We played pool and had a decent time overall. A couple looked like they were on a first date, and so we talked about them quite a bit. What’re first dates all about, really? Are you trying to sell yourself to the other? Or is it more of a feeling-out process? At any rate, this chick didn’t look like she was all that into the guy, and to be honest, she was a little out of his league. Tough luck, pardner. Have another beer.

Edit by Adrienne: I LOVE Phantom Canyon! Not sure why it isn’t a fave for DM. The chicken strips were super delish. They had some sort of sticky spicy sauce on them and were served with a creamy dipping sauce. They were too messy to pick up, for sure had to use a fork. It was Happy Hour when we went (from 3-7  I think- they also have a late night Happy Hour) so the beers were only $2.50 each. Also since we had “lunch” the pool was free. The whole thing was only about $15.00 which was not bad for an hour and a half of entertainment, 3 beers, and a snack. Oh and also, I won at pool….:)