Phoenix condo renovation

Last week I went out to Phoenix on my way back from LA to check out Mike’s condo and meet a floor guy. DM’s deadbeat tenants, Melissa Ann Reed and Rick Hugh Twaddle, had recently left and we thought there’d be some work to be done on it. They said they had moved out and everything was clean. We figured it would need paint and possibly new carpet in the downstairs area. We were NOT prepared for this. Clearly they are big liars which we sort of knew since they never paid their rent on time and always had some excuse or other. Among other things, which I’ll get to in a minute. Needless to say, we need more than just new carpet and paint. Over $7000 worth of more. WTF makes people do something like this? And don’t get me started on the smell.

Outside storage closet:

Front patio.

Just inside the front door. How is this clean?

Livingroom, diningroom area.

All kinds of crap and papers and stuff were in this closet. Including an ownder’s manual to a home theatre system (yet they can’t pay their rent?) and a fax cover sheet which I took back here with me because it had a fax number on it and I was thinking maybe we could track Melissa Ann Reed down that way since, of course they aren’t answering our emails or phone calls or left any new address info. DM tracked the # down and it’s Melissa Ann Reed’s probation officer! LOL. He was all “how did you find this number?” Ha ha. He was also perplexed that she moved without telling him. Hopefully that’s a probation violation (I’m pretty sure it is) and hopefully she’s sitting in tent city with Sheriff Joe. So anyhow, she also lied on the application about never having been arrested.

How does a fan get THIS filthy??? I admit, I rarely clean my fans but they don’t look like THIS. How does this even happen?

Why? Why leave all this and then have the electricity turned off (altho now that I think about it, it was probably shut off for non payment)


This is the SINK. There’s water RIGHT THERE. If you just turn it on it will be cleaner than this!

How does your laundry get clean when you’r using a washer that’s in this condition?

They had a dog, which they didn’t clear with us and apparently they locked it in this tiny bathroom on a regular basis.

More general filth:

We decided on acrylic concrete floors downstairs and carpet on the stairs and upstairs so the floor guy came in and did some demo, got rid of the vinyl in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, the carpet, etc. It already looks a little better. Except that the floors under the carpet were soaked with pee. SOAKED. The floor guy was thoroughly grossed out. Guess we need to have it painted over with Kilz or something before the new carpet goes in. We’re also having the cabinets and doors repainted which is why they’re off the frames.

After having every single surface cleaned, removed, repainted and/or replaced, new appliances, blinds, and fixtures put in it looks really nice!

The downstairs floor looks like¬†weird carpet in these pictures but it’s actually really neat polished concrete.