Red-light cameras are off

To my great disappointment, the city has decided to pull the plug on its red-light cameras, because apparently, the program “didn’t meet safety expectations.” Not sure if this means the cameras are off today or tomorrow, so if you’re planning to run the lights, probably ought to wait. Just to be safe.

I believe camera enforcement of routine traffic violations is a good idea and frees up the police to do things like solving crimes. If my boss at my day job could replace me with a camera, you can bet he’d be all over that. And also, it’s easy money for a city struggling for cash. (I sent in $75 — which is half the price of a regular ticket. Win-win.)

So farewell, our short-lived traffic enforcement program. Maybe we will meet again someday in some other city.

Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras are off
I am an outlaw, jeoparding the lives of all around me.
Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras are off
The smirk of dangerous criminals will now be witnessed only by police hiding at intersections.