Red-light cameras are on

Public Service Announcement: Colorado Springs red-light enforcement cameras are watching, and police have started issuing citations.

View Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras in a larger map

There’s been a lot of controversy about the red-light cameras, and I know, nobody likes to get a ticket. But here’s the thing: You get mailed a ticket, you pay, it’s over. You get pulled over by a cop, and it could be a daylong ordeal. Where’re you going in such a hurry? You didn’t have your seat belt on. Have you had anything to drink? I see you’re wearing green. Mind explaining that? Step out of the car, please.

Sorry. I’d rather have robots just mailing me tickets than have to deal with police hiding in bushes like predators.

And besides, getting a red-light ticket in the mail is a bargain. It’s only $75 compared with the $150 it would cost if the ticket’s issued by an officer. You can run two lights for the price of one. And no points off your license with the mail-in tickets. The red-light cameras are win-win, people.

And what happens if you don’t pay? Good question. My understanding is that if you get a ticket in the mail and “lose” it, you have to be served in person. If they never get the chance to serve you? Dunno. I’m sure they know who you are and have ways of ruining your life.