Shears Barber Shop

It’s a sad thing to consider, but it’s true: My Good Hair Days are behind me, if there ever were any.

But no matter how ridiculous I look, I still need maintenance on my stupid head. So every other month or so, I reluctantly trudge to the haircutting place and just get it done.

Before Shears, I would just go to SuperCuts or Happycuts or whatever place would allow walk-ins for cheap. I never went to old-man barbers because they just kind of creep me out a little.

But Kim at Shears is awesome. She’s personable and fun, and the conversation doesn’t seem forced or awkward like it does at other places. My only complaint is that I wish they took credit cards. But overall, if you have to get a haircut, Shears is the place. They do wonders with my very limited palette.

Shears Barber Shop, downtown Colorado Springs, Co
Before Shears, I was a mess. After Shears, I'm a handsome, handsome man.