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It doesn’t matter who broke the garbage disposal. What matters is that the person who broke it was available to take pictures of the person who fixed it. For posterity and historical documentation.

Turns out that if you put a metal shot-glass-size cup into the disposal and grind on it awhile, it doesn’t disintegrate like a hunk of potato or a stick of celery. No, instead it digs its sharp, fractured metal into the sides of the disposal and jams up the whole thing.

Lucky for us I had some beer and some spare time. And some metal-cutters skinny enough to work down in there. An interesting fact about garbage disposals and sinks: All those pipes under the sink? They all have water in them. And that water spills. FYI.

Garbage disposal repair
Remember: It's not important how the garbage disposal got broken.

How the landlord does it

Any good landlord takes care of minor repairs and upgrades him- or herself. Some even tackle major projects. Good for them. The landlord we have is a pro. Here are some of the things he’s fixed. You’ll notice that everything looks like it’s just been sprayfoamed. Yes. Genius, isn’t it? Got a hole? A leak? A fracture of some kind? Sprayfoam it! It’s an extra-classy touch, too, to just leave it all foamy and tumor-looking. Don’t bother sanding it down or even trying to disguise it. Sprayfoam is a man’s product. Behold.

Exterior troubles? Try sprayfoam!
Apparently, there was some trouble between the door frame and the wall. Sprayfoam!
Sprayfoam repair
This pipe needs some sprayfoam on it. Admire that craftsmanship.
Sprayfoam repair
Of course this wood has a hole drilled through it. Why wouldn't it? Should probably be filled with sprayfoam!

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