Something broke on this car, and I fixed it

The girlfriend was out of town, and I drove her car to work, where it broke. So I walked home.

After some weeks, she came back and, after checking on her cats, asked where her car was. Yes, good question. It’s in the parking lot at work. Why? Well, it’s broken.

Of course I’m going to fix it. But first I have to figure out what’s wrong with it. I remember the car running OK when I got to work. Then I remember coming out to the car after work and the car not running at all. So somewhere between work and not work, the car became broken.

That’s a good start. It occurs to me that the fan stayed on even though the car was off. Now this can be normal on a hot day. The fan will stay on a few minutes after the car’s shut off. Maybe what happened is that the fan never stopped, and now my battery’s dead.

The Internet says that can happen. Now I have an Action Plan! Turns out that to fix the problem, you need to replace the relay for the fan. Easy enough. Except that to get to the relay, The Jeep people suggest you remove the entire bumper assembly. The relay’s tucked under the passenger-side headlight.I bought the replacement at Auto Zone for about $45.

Or, you can remove the headlight and saw through the cavity, which not only sounds easier, but more fun. In retrospect, it’s neither easy nor fun. Live and learn. I used the Dremel cutting tool to saw through the hard plastic. And then I needed a special joint attachment for the wrench to get to a tricky spot where the relay was attached. All in all, though, auto repair at night in the parking lot at work was not too terrible.