Southern California

Mike is napping on the couch. He has a thing for naps! This is the perfect day and place for a nap, so that’s good.
Here’s a recap of his visit:

Last time I updated we were in Solvang getting ready to have breakfast. Well, we didn’t do that. We were going to go to a fancy place but it wound up not being fancy so we left and went back into Los Olivos and ate at a place called Panino (sorry, I can’t find a link). I had a curry chicken salad sandwich with currants and pinenuts. DM had a ham and cheese on focaccia. YUM. Then we drove the scenic route past Lake Cachuma down to Santa Barbara. We didn’t stop. Then on home via 126 (I think that’s the highway) thru all the orange groves. We stopped and got pistachios and strawberries.

Then we got home and napped. Of course! Then on to the ‘rents house for wine and cheese and introductions. After that DM was a little frazzled (LOL) so we went to Columbo’s and had drinks. The hot tub broke last week and couldn’t be fixed so there WAS NO HOTTUBBING!!!!! Argh. That sucked. Anyhow I can’t remember what we did after Columbo’s. Probably went home and went to bed.

The next day we went to the farmers market and the grove for pancakes at du pars. Walked around the market and saw a celebrity. I forget his name but you’d recognize him. Then up to Melrose and walked around looking at all the trinkets. We wanted to go to Pinks for hot dogs but the line was, as usual, really long. Then we thought we’d go to The Formosa Cafe but it was closed. So we went to Musso And Frank (seems as if they’re too retro to have a website) instead. It’s a realllllllly oldy timey fancy place. We sat in the bar and had jack and cokes then went into the diningroom for lunch. The food has gone downhill. It’s still ok, tho. The atmosphere is really great.
Then home to nap! Then off to Kate Mantilini (also no website?) in Beverly Hills with the whole family. I love that place. I was still full from lunch so I just had a vegetable barley soup and an iceburg wedge salad with blue cheese dressing. It was awesome. Dessert was great, too. After that we went home and went to bed.

Friday we hung around the house, the yard, etc. Played some cards in the backyard, had some coffee, stuff like that. Then we went downtown to Philipe’s for lunch. French dip sandwiches. I usually get the turkey dip which is super good but this time I got the beef dip which was only just ok. Banana cream pie, too. That was good. Then a walk thru Chinatown then onward to home and a nap. Then we went to the wine tasting at Colorado Wine Company. THE wine tasting that you all have heard so much about. It was fun. We got a little drunk of course, then went to the infamous Chalet (too coooool to have a website?) and drank some more. Actually DM drank some more. I managed to restrain myself. After that we went to Casa Bianca, a really old, yummy Italian place nearby. I had eggplant pizza which DM thought would be gross but was really good- he even liked it. He had ravioli- delish, of course. Then we walked home. I love that all this stuff is walking distance from my house.

Yesteray we came down to Laguna, walked around downtown, had a frozen banana then came to the house and lazed around. Later we went to the beach and took pictures. I grilled some tri tip, made mashed potatoes and salad and we ate out on the deck. Then we went out to a local bar for drinks. Some cover band was playing. They were pretty good but neither of us was that into it. Too much drinking the night before, I think.

This morning we had coffee and played cards on the deck. Now he’s napping and I’m making this post. We have to leave at about 7:30 for the airport. This trip was way too short! But I’ll be back in Colorado next Monday and hopefully we’ll do all kinds of fun stuff this summer.