Speaking of donuts

When we went all the way to Woodland Park for some donuts at The Donut Mill, we were supremely disappointed that they were out of donuts.

Ordinary people might let that ruin their day. Not us. As we said earlier, we found Joanie’s.

But not only did we find an awesome deli and have some nice treats, we also didn’t give up on our hunt for donuts. On the way back from Woodland Park, it occurred to us that there was a little donut shop by Red Rock Lounge in a scungy little stripmall between Manitou and Old Colorado City.

Every time we’d been by, they were closed, so we figured it was just a front for some kind of illegal activity. But when we drove by this afternoon, behold: Open, and with donuts.

This Daylight Donuts chain is kind of sad and weather-worn, but they had donuts. Not very many, and the selection was limited, but it was an afternoon, so we’re cutting this guy some slack. And there was an old-school-donut-shop charm to the place. Prices were right, and the customer service was very good. We’ll probably come back. I’m sure of it.

Glazed old-fashioned at Daylight Donuts in Colorado Springs
Glazed old-fashioned at Daylight Donuts in Colorado Springs
A good, fat longjohn donut that, sadly, didn't have any filling.
A good, fat long john donut with, sadly, no filling. I am in disguise as a 1950s robber.