Squeak Soda Shop: B

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Attention, grown men: You look foolish playing Wii. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t play Wii. All I’m saying is that you should do it only in the privacy of your own home. And alone.

And, Squeak Soda Shop? You should remove the Wii from the dining area. It’s a pain in the ass to have to walk around irritating grown men playing frisbee golf.

Everything else in Squeak is great. Colorful, playful, whimsical. A perfect place to bring your kids. Actually, it’s probably a better place to bring someone else’s kids to get them all sugared up before dropping them off at home.

I had a classic grilled cheese sandwich, and Adrienne had a provolone on multigrain bread. Mine was better.

Overall, the place is perfect for what it is. Sugary treats and fun foods. Lots of options (Anjou Pear Soda?) and reasonable prices. I just don’t think I’m whimsical enough for Squeak.

Oh, and one last thing: Plan for needing a nap soon after visiting Squeak. After the sugar high, assuming you don’t send yourself into some kind of irreversible diabetic coma, you’ll crash pretty hard and need to sleep.

Frisbee golf on the Wii, der, der
Derp, I'm a grown man playing Wii in public.
Colorful mural at Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
One of the murals at Squeak Soda Shop. Oh, and dude on the phone, take it outside. Nobody wants to hear your stupid conversation.
Chocolate milkshake at Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
Chocolate milkshake, Squeak Soda Shop. World's fattest straw.
Grilled provolone sandwich on multigrain bread, Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
Adrienne's provolone sandwich.
Classic grilled cheese sandwich, with Sunchips at Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
My sandwich was better than Adrienne's.
Vermont maple honey ice cream, Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
Vermont maple honey ice cream, Squeak Soda Shop, Colorado Springs
Raspberry soda, without coloring.
Raspberry soda, without coloring. The cup says it's made from corn. Is that good?