Staycation furlough, home improvement, and homemade pizza

DM is taking a madatory furlough this week and we didn’t feel like going anywhere so we’re staying home.

The Dange worked on installing a dryer vent this morning.

Here’s how it looked earlier:




Anyhow, here’s how it looked when it was done:



And here he is with his neat reciprocating saw that I got him for his birthday, which is on Monday. As it turns out he didn’t really use it for the dryer vent but still, we had to have a picture of him with it.

While he was working on that I did some of my own Pink Kitty work and that kind of thing. Not exciting but stuff that needed to be done. I also made a homemade roast beef for sandwiches. I let it cool in the fridge and it WAS pretty easy to slice thinly with a regular knife. I almost used the reciproacting saw! Dange said that would be overkill, tho. Anyhow, it was super yummy.

At some point his mom came over and hung out for a few minutes. But she forgot his birthday present so later we went over to her house and got it. Three bottles of whiskey! Sheesh!

Then we went to an art show in Manitou and drank free wine and ate free cheese. The art was neat, too.

After that we came home and I made some little pizzas.

Asparagus, onion, and sundried tomato with fontina cheese:

And tomato sauce, ricotta and mozarella:

This is why I got fat, apparently.

Also, I drank wine and Dange had some of the fancy whiskey from his mom.

And that’s a wrap. I guess now we’re gonna go watch Iron Man. Can’t wait. Ask me if you’ve never heard my Robert Downey Jr. story.

Meanwhile I leave you with a cute pic of Cookie Puss and Dange while I was in LA last week.