Sunbeam: A

Because we live in a drafty old house, and someone else who lives here won’t allow heavy curtains on the windows, it can get pretty cold at night. So last year, we bought a Sunbeam king-size electric blanket. The thing was a dream.There really might not be anything finer than crawling into an electric-blanket-warmed bed on a freezing Colorado night.

But suddenly, right around April, the blanket stopped working. No, that’s not quite right. It worked a little. And only sometimes. It menaced us. Were we doing something wrong? Was it not plugged in right? Did it matter which side was up? Was our larger cat too heavy to be laying on top of it? (Seriously, that question was considered.) The electric blanket is not the pinnacle of technology, so we were troubled that we might be doing it wrong. Also, since the problem was intermittent, we couldn’t ever seem to duplicate it, and sometimes it would heat only a little. Teasing us with very slight warmth.

So we put it away for summer and forgot about it. Till the most recent cold spell. Turns out that putting the blanket in the basement for several months didn’t fix it. (Fuckin’ blankets — how do they work?)

I dread dealing with any kind of company or calling any 800 numbers. After a lifetime on hold, someone will eventually not be able to help me. I’ll get frustrated and angry. My first impulse was to just go buy another blanket. But I called the number anyway and braced for disappointment.

Despite not having a receipt, the Sunbeam people were very polite and efficient. They gave me a service request number and an address to mail the blanket, and they said everything would be taken care of. So I mailed off the blanket, and a week and a half later, I got a new one in the mail. The old one had a part that was apparently obsolete, so they just replaced it with a brand new blanket. And it’s even better than the other one. And all it cost was the $12 to mail it to them.

Seriously outstanding customer service. It’s kind of sad that this kind of thing isn’t just baseline behavior for companies. That this isn’t everyone’s experience all the time. But it isn’t, and good service should be recognized. Well-done, Sunbeam. I’ll be sleeping much more comfortably now. Thanks.

Sunbeam electric blankets are totally worth it.
This is exactly how Adrienne and I sleep now that our Sunbeam electric blanket has been replaced. No drooling or snoring. No struggling for the covers. This is just what we look like.