Il Postino, downtown Colorado Springs

We are getting a hip new hotel downtown in a few months at The Mining Exchange Building, which when it was built by Winfield Stratton was the busiest exchange in the whole country. It’s going to be really awesome. I just love that someone is restoring this beautiful old building. That doesn’t happen enough here in Colorado Springs.

But meanwhile, they’ve opened a new restaurant in the hotel, Il Postino. It’s billed as having healthy “Springs Cuisine”.   The restaurant is partly owned by Raphael Sassower who started the Warehouse Restaurant so you know it’s yummy.

Pretty interior of Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Pretty interior of Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

 They spared no expense to be able to keep and restore the original ornate tin ceilings.

Original Victorian tin ceiling, Il Postino restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO

Original Victorian tin ceiling, Il Postino restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO

Since it was the exchange building, there are many neat old safes. This one is being uses as a wine cellar now.

Old safe, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Old safe, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

 Janel and I recently went down there and had a couple of glasses of wine off their really good wine list and some appetizers.

Wine at the bar, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Wine at the bar, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

The crab cakes were really good and unlike regular crab cakes- most times they have a lot of mayo or something creamy. These were very fresh tasting and no mayo- and also no breading.

Crab cakes from Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Crab cakes from Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

In keeping with the healthy theme, these bruschetta were very light. 

Bruschetta Caprese, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Bruschetta Caprese, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Very small plate of hummus, cannellini dip, and olive tapenade with veggies, bread and crackers.

Three Dip Vegetarian Apero
Three Dip Vegetarian Apero
These were your basic shrimp, but the dipping sauce made them delish.

Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Skewers
Rosemary Citrus Shrimp Skewers

The mushroom soup was also very light and tasty.

Five Way Roasted Mushroom Soup

Five Way Roasted Mushroom Soup

Now apparently I like taking pictures of food so much that I take pictures of other people’s food.

I’m not sure what this was since it wasn’t my order!

Salad ready to go from the kitchen, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Salad ready to go from the kitchen, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Yummy looking cheeseburger from the guy next to me at the bar, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

Yummy looking cheeseburger from the guy next to me at the bar, Il Postino, Colorado Springs, CO

They have two happy hours (my fave) each day.

Daily Happy Hours: 4-6pm and 9- Midnight 
$1 off any drink, 10% off any menu item, and 50% off any bottle of wine with some exceptions. 

Plus they’re open till midnight which is really great since Mike doesn’t get off work till 11:00 and sometimes he’s hungry.

I can’t wait for the hotel to open. I think they’re going to have a couple other restaurants and bars in it, so that will be fun!

Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Mike’s mom wanted to take us out for his birthday at the beginning of the month and I had recently read about Trinity Brewing in Sunset Magazine so I checked out their menu online. They use a lot of local ingredients and lots of their items are vegetarian which is good because his mom is a vegetarian. They brew a lot of their own beers but also carry other local beers on tap, too.

Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs
Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs
Mike and his mom at Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Mike and his mom at Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs. They also use a lot of "green" materials in their building and decor. I loved the beer bottle bar top which is made out of broken beer bottles.

 They mostly have beer- Mike had one of their pilsners. I had a pear cider- my fave! And Linda had some kind of fruity mixed drink.

Drinks at Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Drinks at Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs.

 While they do have a few entrees, most of their stuff is snacky type items.

Warm Cheese Dip

Warm Cheese Dip

Hummus plate

Hummus plate

Tortilla chips with bean dip, salsa, and warm cheese dip

Tortilla chips with bean dip, salsa, and warm cheese dip

Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Trinity Brewing, Colorado Springs

Overall it was a fun night. The staff are really nice and helpful if you aren’t sure what you want to get. They’ll give you little tasters of any of the stuff they have on tap. The food was good, not amazing (except the cheese dip which was!) but I gotta give them credit because it’s really hard to cook with local ingredients in Colorado, let alone feed an entire restaurant night after night.  I had wondered why I had never been here before but then I found out it’s only been open about a year. It’s the kind of place that seems like it’s been around forever. In a good way!

Taco Spot Eagle Rock, Palate Glendale, Cornish Pasty Phoenix

All three of my computers broke recently. The netbook got a new harddrive so I lost all that data, the sony laptop is still dead- I think there are pics on it. The desktop was recovered but there weren’t that many pictures on it. Anyhow I was waiting to see how many pictures I could find of my trip to L.A. and of the first part of this month and I found as many as I could!

Lunch with Eddie at The Taco Spot in Eagle Rock. I had a chicken bowl.

And Eddie had a bean burrito

One night DM sent me this picture. Evidently he made a late night trip to Waffle House.

I went to a neat newish restaurant in Glendale called Palate

It’s in the old Bekins moving and storage building and is all warehousey.

They have those stainless steel restaurant tables, which i love.

They have a special room where the cheese is prepared.

This is my brother’s friend Sage in front of the cheese area. The lady in back with the scarf is prepering the cheese plates.

Sage and Stephen.

My new tenant Angie and my brother Chris.

Me in goth surroundings. I love the decor here!

The dinner menu is very very strange and exotic. We started out with a wine and cheese flight. I had to leave early so I didn’t have dinner and I didn’t really catch the name of the wine or the cheeses we had! But they were really good. I don’t usually like white wine but this was excellent.

Then DM sent me another picture. No, he isn’t in Russia, he’s in Wal-mart.

Christmas Eve we had a cocktail party at my brother’s house, apparently while drinking wine and dancing.

Chris and Stephen.

The table of appetizers. I think there were about 25 people there.

I made the barefoot contessa’s spided rosemary cashews, but I used almonds and walnuts too.

A yummy salami plate brought by my brother David. The cheese in that green bowl was a marscapone stuffed mozerella ball from Whole Foods. it was super delish.

My brother David with his salami (heh).

Blue Cheese dip from  Saveur Magazine.

Marinated goodies.

Merry Christmas PJ!

The cats can’t get enough of The Dange.

PJ is obsessed with drinking water, even off the floor of the shower.

My brother Brian, Stephen, Leeza my brother’s girlfriend, and my dad.

Christmas breakfast table.

I made a spinach quiche from Paula Deen

Crumbled bacon, green onions, and sour cream for the top.

The day after Christmas we left to go back to CO. First stop was Phoenix where we had dinner at the Cornish Pasty (Company? Place?) in Mesa.  I’s a pretty neat place and comes with rave reviews.

They had several different hard ciders which gets extra points from me.

We also had pastys. I had the shephard’s pie pasty. Only it wasn’t a SHEPHARD’S- it was the one with the ground beef, not the lamb.

Dessert was this awesome banan cream pie things. OMG.

The next day we headed into New Mexico. I had been reading and hearing all about stuffed soppapilas the entire trip and I wanted on. We stopped in Gallup thinking we could find one. But it was Sunday and everything was closed. We were too hungry to try to make it all the way to Albuquerque so we stopped at Furr’s. I had never been to a Furr’s before. I guess it’s a cafeteris. But on Sundays it’s all you can eat. We were tired, cranky, and starving so this is what we wound up with. It was for sure an “eyes bigger than stomach” situation. We only finished about 1/3rd of this stuff.

A small town in New Mexico not far from the Colorado border.

I was pretty worried about PJ toward the end of the trip. He was very unhappy at my parent;s house (we stayed there the last two weeks of the trip because my house was being worked on). He was confined to an upstairs suite but of course, wanted free run of the house. We couldn’t do that for a variety of reason. But he just meowed non stop for like the last three days we were there. Once we got into the car and the hotels and stuff he calmed down, He was really super mellow the whole car trip and I thought maybe he was just not feeling well. He also had a little bit of a cold. When we got back I took him to the vet, he got some meds and is feeling a lot better now. Here’s his comfy bed in the car. We had SO much stuff this time that the back was fiulled with boxes. We put blankets and towels on top of the boxes which I think the cats liked better. They could see otu the windows this way instead of being below them.

Back in COS. The view of Pikes Peak from our street.

New Years Eve we had DMs mom and step dad over for Christmas gift exchange. we had planned to hit some of the downtown bars after they left but I developed a screaming migraine so we went to bed at midnight after watching the fireworks shot off of Pikes Peak.
I made a fruity rum cocktail.

And pretty much the same apps as Christmas Eve. Blue cheese dip,

Spiced nuts. And a new one, a a curry chick pea dip.

DM’s mom and step dad.

They gave me this cute tea set for Christmas.

Our fireplace. Cozy!

This was some sort of baked pasta I made later in the week.

Some pretty roses.

I’m telling you, my cats can’t get enough of DM. he’s a regular cat whisperer.

Breakfast of oatmeal, fruit, nuts, and brown sugar.

The little console thing on the left was my brother’s. I had it shipped here with the rest of my stuff. The lamps, rug, and pillows are all from my place in LA. It’s pretty cool how everything seems to coordinate.

We made PJ a little perch out of a neat old typewriter table that I brought with me. I have no idea where it initially came from.

I recently read on a food blog that you can make foamed milk by putting milk into a jar, shaking it up, then microwaving it. It totally works! Not as well as with the real milk steamer but fine for everyday.

I think this was chicken nachos.

There are two new spice stores downtown here. TWO. MMMHMMMM. Anyhow we went to one of them the other day., They let you smell and taste the spices and they had freeze dried corn! It was funny. Pretty tasty but the texture of air!

Scrambled eggs with salsa and homemade biscuits and gravy.


Kitties again!

Pikes Peak from one block north. I love that big old house on the left.

DM in front of a church nearby. It was really cold but we wanted to get out and go for a walk

That’s all! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up on this better. And hopefully I won’t have anymore computer problems.

Colorado Springs Is Classy

Last night we went over to The Broadmoor for drinks (didn’t get any good pics of those but they were yummy- I had a chocolate martini). I heard it was all lit up for Xmas and it was! Really pretty outside and a bunch of Xmas trees, gingerbread houses, etc. inside. They have a nice bar there with a patio and an outdoor fireplace. It was about 20 degrees and there were lots of other people by the fireplace so we just stayed inside by the window and had a pretty view that way. We did go for a short walk out by the lake but it was too cold so we came back inside and hung out in the lobby by the huge indoor fireplace. It’s a really nice place to just hang out. There are several restaurants and bars and they don’t seem to care if you bring your drinks all around the place. Some guy was sitting there with his laptop so they probably even have wi-fi.