Fine Arts Center Bemis School Of Art Summer Classes

A couple of summers ago I took a ceramics class at the Bemis School Of Art at the Fine Arts Center. It was really fun! I’m probably going to do it again this year. The classes are really low key- there are no grades or anything, it’s just for fun. They have all sorts of classes that run from 8-10 weeks, one day or evening per week. Drawing, painting, ceramics, jewelry making, print making, photography, computer stuff like Photoshop, and even a couple of darkroom classes (wha?!) are all on the schedule for this summer. Classes range from $75 to $250.  You should totally take a class- it’s a great way to unleash some of your pent up creativity.

A raku bowl I made in ceramics class at The Bemis Art School.

A raku bowl I made in ceramics class at The Bemis Art School.

A raku bowl I made in ceramics class at The Bemis Art School.

A raku bowl I made in ceramics class at The Bemis Art School.

First Friday Art walks are back this week

Here is a complete list of art to go look at tonight.

The ones we’re going to go check out are:

“The Incomparable Steampunk Art Exposition” at Heebee Jeebees: 318 E. Colorado Ave, just east of Weber. 7 p.m.

I love Steampunk (hello, I’m 25). Lots of Steampunk art and clothing, a Steampunk burlesque show  by Lola Spitfire’s Peaks and Pasties, a wine tasting sponsored by Swirl Wine Emporium in Manitou, beer from Bristol Brewery, snacks from The Blue Star, Nosh, Taste Of Jerusalem, and Lofty’s Idea. An afterparty will be hosted by The Triple Nickel Tavern.

The Circle of Light Photo Project at Smokebrush Gallery: 218 West Colorado Ave. (under the Colorado Ave. bridge, just follow the signs from the Colorado Ave bridge). 5-8 p.m.

From the press release about the show: “What if the blind could suddenly see? A unique art exhibit featuring photographs taken by people who were once blind but can now see because of a corneal transplant, opens in Colorado Springs. The exhibit is presented by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank (RMLEB). Sponsored by Centura Health and Colorado Corneal Consultants, PC.” Sounds interesting.

Christian Murdock’s “My Colorado” photography exhibit at Dogtooth Coffee 505 E. Columbia 7-10 p.m.

Vintages Wine and Spirits at 9 South Tejon is having a wine tasting today from 2-6 p.m. Also tomorrow from 12-5 p.m. Hey, wine is an art!

See you there!

Photographer Christian Murdock’s “My Colorado” exhibit

One night at work I was daydreaming about barbecue. This is typical. When I’m not being obsessively committed to doing the absolutely best job I can in every aspect of my job and inspiring the same in my coworkers, I’m thinking about food or beer or napping.

Anyway, I’m in the office thinking about barbecue, and Christian Murdock strolls in with pans of food from Front Range Barbeque. He thought enough of his coworkers to bring us back some food from a photo shoot earlier in the night.

Christian is like that. Pleasant, decent and nice. Suspiciously nice, actually, now that I think about it.

Anyway, he’s having a photo exhibit, “My Colorado,” at Dogtooth Coffee Company in downtown Colorado Springs. His images will be on display from March 4 through April 15. (Why this isn’t on Dogtooth’s event calendar on their website is a mystery. Hint, hint, Dogtooth.)

In addition to having once brought in great barbecue to starving coworkers, Christian also happens to be a great photographer. So check out his exhibit — looks like a good one.

Photographer Christian Murdock, "My Colorado" exhibit, Dogtooth Coffee, downtown Colorado Springs

This image is part of Christian Murdock's "My Colorado" photo exhibit at Dogtooth Coffee Company

Photographer Christian Murdock, "My Colorado" exhibit, Dogtooth Coffee, downtown Colorado Springs

Christian used to wear a baseball cap, but since he's become an Artiste, this is what he's wearing these days.

Two new downtown businesses

Two new downtown businesses to support!

As you may know, I am a master fly-fisherman. So it was nice to see a fly shop opening up downtown, giving me convenient access to all the many things I need as a master fly-fisherman: leaders, tippets, Blue-Wing Olives, streamers, elk-hair caddis.

Ghillies Hackle & Tackle Fly Shop isn’t exactly a new operation. They were at Austin Bluffs near Academy before the move to downtown (117 S. Nevada). I’m glad they’re there, and I hope it turns out to be a great spot for them.

Also discovered downtown this weekend was this weird little place called Splash on Tejon, whose business card tells us that “Creativity is a weapon!!”

From what I understand, you stop in at Splash, pay $35, and you get a canvas, paint and professional instruction for a night of fun creating a masterpiece. They also serve wine and beer — Bristol’s in fact, which is a huge plus. So go paint, drink, create. Looks fun.

PJ is not a master fly-fisherman.

When you are a master fly-fisherman, you don't need help untangling your line from a dumb old cat. But PJ just has to have an opinion about everything.