Gunning for second place

It’s that time of year again, where we shamelessly ask for your vote on The Independent’s annual Best of Colorado Springs survey.

Last year, we tied for third with then-Business Journal writer John Hazlehurst and decided that he must be destroyed. He has since moved to the Indy, which means that while he still pens a regular column, we have not seen any Hazlehurst-specific “blog.” Consider yourself destroyed, Mr. Hazlehurst.

The first-place winner was a coupon thing, so whatever with that. Who can compete with bargains? The second-place winner is a member of Big Media, and who can trust Big Media?

It’s time for Oinkety to be the Springs’ No. 2 blog.

You have to vote for at least 15 things for your ballot to count. Here’s a sampling of what we voted for:

  1. Best Wait Staff: Detz Cafe.
  2. Best Restaurant for Tourists: Paris Crepe.
  3. Best French Restaurant: La Baguette. The one on Chestnut.
  4. Best Patio Dining: Shuga’s.
  5. Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Taste of Jerusalem.
  6. Best Food Truck: Phat Hattie’s.
  7. Best Burger: Drifter’s.
  8. Best Place for Ice Cream: Dogtooth Cafe.
  9. Best Local Beer for Winter: Bristol’s Venetucci Pumpkin Ale, of course good luck getting any.
  10. Best Breakfast: Smiley’s.
  11. Best Caterer: Blue Sage Catering.
  12. Best Place for an Over-the-Top Gift: Pink Kitty Studios.
  13. Best Photographer: Pink Kitty Studios.
  14. Best Naughty Business: Pink Kitty Studios.
  15. Best Local Twitterer: @barelyescape.
  16. Best Local Blogger: Oinkety!

Adrienne and I agreed on a few of the categories. But we disagreed on a bunch, too:

  1. Best Neighborhood Restaurant – West: Adrienne enjoys La Baguette, but I like Cucuru.
  2. Best Neighborhood Restaurant – Central: Adrienne went with Shuga’s, while I went with Detz.
  3. Best Restaurant for Dining Alone: Adrienne would rather go to Shuga’s alone, and I prefer Poor Richard’s.

In fact, for just about every category, Adrienne picked Shuga’s. Best Happy Hour; Best Patio; Best Place for a Wedding Reception; Best Appetizers; Best Soup; Best Bartender (Kevin); Best Place for a Fancy-Pants Cocktail. Someone has a Shuga’s addiction.

Vote for Oinkety or this cat will cry

We sometimes write about cats. That alone is worth your vote.







Bristol’s Christmas Ale party

Apparently, when you merely tie for third, you aren’t invited to the very swanky and prestigious Best of the Springs party the Indy throws. That’s cool, Indy. That’s cool.

Besides, John Hazlehurst might have been there, and we’d have had to brawl.

We went to Bristol Brewing Co.’s Christmas Ale party, where they unveiled their latest brew. The Christmas Ale is, as you might suspect, delicious. We missed the Venetucci Pumpkin Ale thing, so we were sure to get there on time for this. Try the Christmas Ale. It’s dark, spicy, very smooth. They change the recipe every year, and this year’s was crafted by Bristol’s Bob Archibald. Well-done, Bob.

And while we were there, we had a great chat with Greg from Blue Sage catering, which provided the treats for the Bristol party. Amazing and fun food. If Blue Sage ever opens a sit-in restaurant, we’re there.

Christmas Ale launch party at Bristol Brewing Co., Colorado Springs

Bristol could use a little more seating. But that's OK. I'll just stand.

Christmas Ale launch party at Bristol Brewing Co., with catering by Blue Sage Creative Catering Solutions

The catering by Blue Sage was outstanding. Tiny treats and meatballs with spaghetti squash. Different and fun food.


While we were gone on our road trip, the Independent named its best local bloggers.

We tied for third, which gives us mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s nice to be mentioned, and we appreciate all the votes. On the other hand, we tied for third with John Hazlehurst.

First place went to Carrie Isaac at Springs Bargains. Of course we can’t compete with Ms. Isaac. Who doesn’t love a bargain? So we congratulate her.

In second place, Kate Singh, who pens the In and Around the Springs blog. Singh and the blog work for the LAMESTREAM media, so it’s no surprise they beat us.

As for third place, Oinkety tied with John Hazlehurst of the Colorado Springs Business Journal — not quite lamestream, but pretty lame! LOL, no, we kid the business journal. Seriously, though: Hazlehurst doesn’t write about cats. How can that be any kind of winner?

We are honored to be mentioned, and we congratulate the winners. Except for John Hazlehurst. It’s clear we must destroy him.

Colorado Springs Business Journal vs. Oinkety

Oinkety vs. John Hazlehurst of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. There can be only one third-place blog.