Our favorite cafes: Rico’s, Shugas, Montagues, and Dogtooth

We love Rico’s. Sometimes we sit inside, sometimes out on the back patio, and sometimes on the sidewalk cafe area.

They have all sorts of fancy wines, and they sell them in 3 oz. as well as the usual 6 oz. glasses which is really great if you don’t want to drink too much or if you want to try a few different wines from their extensive list.

They also have a few beers and some cocktails. Happy Hour is 4-6 Sunday -Wednesday.

They have really good coffee drinks, teas, an iced tea bar, and hot chocolates. Recently I had one of their spiked espresso drinks with vanilla vodka and chocolate liquor. Yum!

Rico's Cafe and Wine Bar

Rico's Cafe and Wine Bar, Colorado Springs

As you probably know, Shuga’s is my favorite place in town.
They have a full bar including a bunch of really creative and unusual cocktails, a full espresso bar, and a great food menu. The menus all change seasonally.
They have Happy Hour from 3-6.
We usually sit inside because it’s so pretty but they do have a nice back patio as well as sidewalk seating in front.
Shuga's, Colorado Springs

Shuga's, Colorado Springs

Shuga's, Colorado Springs

Shuga's, Colorado Springs

We’ve only recently discovered Montague’s at 1019 South
Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 520-0672
The decor is full on Victorian old lady, but the coffee and desserts are awesome. They have pretty good food, too.
They don’t have a website but they do stay open pretty late- you should call for their hours- they vary.
Montegue's, Colorado Springs

Montegue's, Colorado Springs

The cakes at Montegue's are really excellent. They even have some gluten free.

The cakes at Montegue's are really excellent. They even have some gluten free.

Another one of our faves is Dogtooth Coffee. You can get a yummy sandwich, or espressos, or the best gelato in town. We like to sit outside on the patio, and you can bring your dog!

Tasty cinnamon donuts at Dogtooth Coffee, Colorado Springs

Tasty cinnamon donuts at Dogtooth Coffee, Colorado Springs

Housemade gelato at Dogtooth Coffee, Colorado Springs

Housemade gelato at Dogtooth Coffee, Colorado Springs

What are your favorite cafes in town?

The Donut Mill: Out of donuts, again

We’ve had a very rocky relationship with The Donut Mill in Woodland Park, and I’m sad to announce today that we’re on the outs again.

I’ve suggested before that when you’re called The Donut Mill, it’s reasonable to expect donuts. But four out of the five times we’ve been there, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, they’ve been out of donuts. The one time we went when they had donuts, we were so pleased we wrote about it.

Don’t get me wrong: When The Donut Mill actually has donuts, they are delicious. This last time we went, we even brought guests along. And after suggesting that since they’re always out of donuts, they maybe ought to, I don’t know, make more donuts, the surly counter guy snipped that we should maybe get there before one o’clock. Wanting a donut after 1 p.m.? What were we thinking?!

So because we like to offer free business advice, we have a few suggestions for The Donut Mill.

  1. If you’re out of donuts by 1 p.m., maybe you should make more donuts to start out with.
  2. If you’re out of donuts by 1 p.m. and you don’t want to make more donuts, maybe you should just close at 1 p.m.
  3. The easiest solution to the whole problem, of course, is to just change your name so customers don’t expect donuts in the first place. Here are some suggestions:
  • Donuts, Maybe
  • Sometimes Donuts
  • The Donut Possibility
  • Take-a-Chance Donuts
  • You Don’t Need a Donut Anyway, Fatty
  • Ice Cream

Maybe I’m taking this all too personally, but donuts are important.

At any rate, you know who wasn’t out of donuts? The Starbucks next door.

Starbucks donut, Woodland Park, Colorado

Starbucks: Not out of donuts.


Donut Mill on Urbanspoon

Donut Mill redemption

We were maybe a little harsh on the Donut Mill a while back. Donuts are important, and when you’re denied, it’s easy to lash out.

I am glad we gave them a second chance, because it was delicious. And also, we all deserve a second chance.

Donut Mill, Woodland Park, Colorado

We were pleased this time at the Donut Mill because there were actually donuts. Delicious donuts.

Speaking of donuts

When we went all the way to Woodland Park for some donuts at The Donut Mill, we were supremely disappointed that they were out of donuts.

Ordinary people might let that ruin their day. Not us. As we said earlier, we found Joanie’s.

But not only did we find an awesome deli and have some nice treats, we also didn’t give up on our hunt for donuts. On the way back from Woodland Park, it occurred to us that there was a little donut shop by Red Rock Lounge in a scungy little stripmall between Manitou and Old Colorado City.

Every time we’d been by, they were closed, so we figured it was just a front for some kind of illegal activity. But when we drove by this afternoon, behold: Open, and with donuts.

This Daylight Donuts chain is kind of sad and weather-worn, but they had donuts. Not very many, and the selection was limited, but it was an afternoon, so we’re cutting this guy some slack. And there was an old-school-donut-shop charm to the place. Prices were right, and the customer service was very good. We’ll probably come back. I’m sure of it.

Glazed old-fashioned at Daylight Donuts in Colorado Springs

Glazed old-fashioned at Daylight Donuts in Colorado Springs

A good, fat longjohn donut that, sadly, didn't have any filling.

A good, fat long john donut with, sadly, no filling. I am in disguise as a 1950s robber.

No donuts at The Donut Mill, but Joanie’s picks up the slack

When you go to a place called The Donut Mill, I think it’s reasonable to expect donuts.

We woke up with a hankerin’ for donuts, and since good donuts are scarce in the COS, we bundled up and headed on out to Woodland Park for a sugar fix. On the way, we debated whether they were open. It was a Sunday, after all, and local businesses are notorious for being closed at all the wrong times.

The Donut Mill was open, though. Excellent. The Donut Mill doesn’t hate money. But wait. What’s this? Did I hear correctly? “Out of donuts”? It’s true. At 11 a.m. on a Sunday morning, The Donut Mill is out of donuts.

Looked like they had plenty of biscuits and gravy, though. But they’re not The Biscuits and Gravy Mill. Or The Ice Cream Mill. What gives?

So we left disappointed — until we passed Joanie’s Deli. Joanie’s is open daily. Every day. And the food selection was incredible. After a lot of deliberation, we settled on a sesame seed bagel with cream cheese for Adrienne, while I had a cherry-cheese croissant/danish. Hard decision, because everything looked so good.

Joanie’s does everything right:

  • They accept credit cards.
  • They’re open every day at consistent hours.
  • They have an easy-to-navigate and informative website.
  • Customer service was outstanding. The woman who took our order was very pleasant — and not just to me because I’m so handsome. She was that way with everyone she dealt with.
  • Clean, attractive, comfortable dining area.
  • The food. A great variety, and while we had only a small item each, they were delicious, and it’s hard to imagine the rest of Joanie’s fare being any less.

So The Donut Mill was a disappointment, but thanks to Joanie’s, it wasn’t a wasted trip.

The deli case and menu board at Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Joanie's has it all. Breakfast, lunch, desserts. Glad we stumbled onto it.

Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado

I had the cherry-cheese danish, and Adrienne just had a bagel. But we'll be back.

Joanie's Deli in Woodland Park, Colorado

Joanie's Deli is just down the street from The Donut Mill, which was inexplicably out of donuts.

Joanie's Bakery & Deli on Urbanspoon