The Donut Mill: Out of donuts, again

We’ve had a very rocky relationship with The Donut Mill in Woodland Park, and I’m sad to announce today that we’re on the outs again.

I’ve suggested before that when you’re called The Donut Mill, it’s reasonable to expect donuts. But four out of the five times we’ve been there, regardless of the time of day or day of the week, they’ve been out of donuts. The one time we went when they had donuts, we were so pleased we wrote about it.

Don’t get me wrong: When The Donut Mill actually has donuts, they are delicious. This last time we went, we even brought guests along. And after suggesting that since they’re always out of donuts, they maybe ought to, I don’t know, make more donuts, the surly counter guy snipped that we should maybe get there before one o’clock. Wanting a donut after 1 p.m.? What were we thinking?!

So because we like to offer free business advice, we have a few suggestions for The Donut Mill.

  1. If you’re out of donuts by 1 p.m., maybe you should make more donuts to start out with.
  2. If you’re out of donuts by 1 p.m. and you don’t want to make more donuts, maybe you should just close at 1 p.m.
  3. The easiest solution to the whole problem, of course, is to just change your name so customers don’t expect donuts in the first place. Here are some suggestions:
  • Donuts, Maybe
  • Sometimes Donuts
  • The Donut Possibility
  • Take-a-Chance Donuts
  • You Don’t Need a Donut Anyway, Fatty
  • Ice Cream

Maybe I’m taking this all too personally, but donuts are important.

At any rate, you know who wasn’t out of donuts? The Starbucks next door.

Starbucks donut, Woodland Park, Colorado

Starbucks: Not out of donuts.


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Gunning for second place

It’s that time of year again, where we shamelessly ask for your vote on The Independent’s annual Best of Colorado Springs survey.

Last year, we tied for third with then-Business Journal writer John Hazlehurst and decided that he must be destroyed. He has since moved to the Indy, which means that while he still pens a regular column, we have not seen any Hazlehurst-specific “blog.” Consider yourself destroyed, Mr. Hazlehurst.

The first-place winner was a coupon thing, so whatever with that. Who can compete with bargains? The second-place winner is a member of Big Media, and who can trust Big Media?

It’s time for Oinkety to be the Springs’ No. 2 blog.

You have to vote for at least 15 things for your ballot to count. Here’s a sampling of what we voted for:

  1. Best Wait Staff: Detz Cafe.
  2. Best Restaurant for Tourists: Paris Crepe.
  3. Best French Restaurant: La Baguette. The one on Chestnut.
  4. Best Patio Dining: Shuga’s.
  5. Best Middle Eastern Restaurant: Taste of Jerusalem.
  6. Best Food Truck: Phat Hattie’s.
  7. Best Burger: Drifter’s.
  8. Best Place for Ice Cream: Dogtooth Cafe.
  9. Best Local Beer for Winter: Bristol’s Venetucci Pumpkin Ale, of course good luck getting any.
  10. Best Breakfast: Smiley’s.
  11. Best Caterer: Blue Sage Catering.
  12. Best Place for an Over-the-Top Gift: Pink Kitty Studios.
  13. Best Photographer: Pink Kitty Studios.
  14. Best Naughty Business: Pink Kitty Studios.
  15. Best Local Twitterer: @barelyescape.
  16. Best Local Blogger: Oinkety!

Adrienne and I agreed on a few of the categories. But we disagreed on a bunch, too:

  1. Best Neighborhood Restaurant – West: Adrienne enjoys La Baguette, but I like Cucuru.
  2. Best Neighborhood Restaurant – Central: Adrienne went with Shuga’s, while I went with Detz.
  3. Best Restaurant for Dining Alone: Adrienne would rather go to Shuga’s alone, and I prefer Poor Richard’s.

In fact, for just about every category, Adrienne picked Shuga’s. Best Happy Hour; Best Patio; Best Place for a Wedding Reception; Best Appetizers; Best Soup; Best Bartender (Kevin); Best Place for a Fancy-Pants Cocktail. Someone has a Shuga’s addiction.

Vote for Oinkety or this cat will cry

We sometimes write about cats. That alone is worth your vote.







South Pearl, Denver

The South Pearl area of Denver is a really cute part of town. It’s made up of several streets, all with an old fashioned feel. it’s mixed with business, retail, and residences all together. If we ever move to Denver, that’s where I want to live.

Last fall we went to Kaos and had some really good pizza. I’ve been wanting to go back and we finally did.

We had some lunch at Pajama Baking Company. It’s really cute inside and they have really good food. They also have all kinds of coffee drinks and ice cream.

I had the Greek Veggie, which is red peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic and herbed cream cheese on ciabatta. It usually comes with spinach but I had them leave it off.

I had the Greek Veggie, which is red peppers, olives, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic and herbed cream cheese on ciabatta. It usually comes with spinach but I had them leave it off.

Mike had the pulled pork sandwich.

Mike had the pulled pork sandwich.

After lunch we left the neighborhood and went to an architectural salvage place up north and some other antique stores on Broadway. Then we went back to the South Pearl area and went to Bistro One for happy hour. It was a pretty limited happy hour, which was disappointing, but we managed anyway. It’s really more of a restaurant than a bar, I guess.

Happy hour at Bistro One, Denver, CO

Happy hour at Bistro One, Denver, CO

Have you been to South Pearl? What should we try next time we’re up there?

Victorian Day and some other stuff you might want to do

Looking for something to do this week? Of course you are.

We have a few ideas.

First, there’s Victorian Day on Sunday (June 26) at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum downtown. Looks like fun, and it’s free. There will be Victorian dance demonstration, a courtroom “melodrama,” free lemonade and watermelon and some Civil War re-enactors.

Victorian Day at Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum downtown.

You can come to Victorian Day dressed in your best "finery." I wanted to grow my facial hair this way for the event, but someone else who lives in the house vetoed the decision.


On Wednesday (June 29), there’s the second annual whiskey/beer tasting at the Fine Arts Center. The Whiskey for My Men, Beer for My Horses event costs $20 for nonmembers ($15 for FAC members), but if you wear a “big-ass” belt buckle, you can get $5 off admission. There will be samples from Downslope Distilling and Bristol Brewing, with music by Grass It Up, a bluegrass band from Colorado Springs.

After some midweek whiskey drinking, you might want to tone it down a little on Thursday with some Pinon Nut Brown Ale from Bristol Brewing. While the beer is probably outstanding, it’s worth the visit for the food from Blue Sage Catering. We had some of their food at Bristol’s Christmas Ale party. They’re incredible.

On Friday, the first day of July, nearly a hundred longhorn steers will be herded down Tejon Street. Why they’re doing this, I’m not sure — something to do with the rodeo, I guess. Whatever. Not into rodeos, but at noon on Friday, dozens of cows will be tromping along Tejon, so it sounds like something worth seeing.

Longhorn Steer Cattle Drive, downtown Colorado Springs

Yes, excuse me, I'm looking for Zeezo's -- am I on the right street?


July 2-4, if you haven’t had enough bovine entertainment, you can swing on over to Manitou Springs for the Buffalo Barbeque Festival at Soda Springs Park. Of course I’m not sure how entertaining the barbecue is for these bovines, but it sounds delicious.

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

There’s a great new cafe called Gold Hill Java downtown on the corner of Tejon and Boulder, where that Boulder Street Roasters place used to be. Their original location is in Woodland Park, so you may have heard of it before.

We stopped in today for a cafe latte and an Italian cream soda. They have four sizes of coffee drinks, which was good for me today because I was able to get a small 8 oz. latte. I had been drinking coffee all morning plus we just had lunch so I was too full for a big old coffee drink.

8 oz. cafe latte and Italian cream soda from Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

8 oz. cafe latte and Italian cream soda from Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

They have a huge menu of drinks but they also have my fave, about 8 different food items that you can order as either  a sandwich, a wrap, a salad, or a pizza. And they have ice cream and house made baked goods, too. One of their special baked goods is a daily bread pudding special. Bread pudding is good, but that’s a strange thing to have a different one of everyday. I’ll have to try it to see what it’s all about!

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

They also make affogato, which is an awesome drink made with vanilla ice cream and espresso. I haven’t seen it too many places so I’m pretty happy they have it so nearby. The special affogato this month also includes hot fudge in it. Wow. Speaking of fudge, they also have a bunch of different house made fudges. LOL. Fudges, is that a word?

They also roast their own coffee beans, which must have been what my dad and I smelled when we left the house the other day when my parents were visiting. My dad asked if there was a coffee roasting place nearby and I said I didn’t think so. But I guess that was it.

The decor is cute enough, MUCH better than what was there before. Also, there seem to be fewer people loitering outside which was always annoying.

They don’t have the greatest hours, Sunday through Thursday til 7 pm and Friday and Saturday til 9 pm. I wish cafes here would stay open late every night. And by late I mean till at least midnight. But I don’t know any here that do, so, we’ll have to take what we can get. Also, free wifi.

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Gold Hill Java, downtown Colorado Springs

Overall this is a welcome addition to this part of downtown and I am looking forward to going back many times. Let us know what you think of it if you go!