Shhh. It’s a secret.

Sometimes, when you find a treasure, you want to show everyone, shout it out: Hey, look at this great thing!

But then there are times when you want to keep it to yourself, when your secret is too precious to share.

So it’s with a troubled heart that I tell you about Detz Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs (211 E. Cucharras). We love it, and we’d like it if you love it, too, but we also don’t want it to become so popular that it’s ruined. Maybe it’s best that there are no reviews of it anywhere. Maybe it’s best that the Yelpers haven’t discovered it. We like it just the way it is.

In the back of my mind, I’ve always known about Detz. It’s always been there. I just always thought it was closed or defunct. And sometimes, I think I must have thought it’s just a building that’s part of the Jiffy Lube next door. It’s nearly invisible. But since we’ve been moving, and since someone can’t seem to figure out how to attach the stove to the gas supply, we’ve been eating at Detz nearly every day.

I can tell you it isn’t any kind of incentive to fix that stove.

Detz serves perfect American comfort food: corned-beef hash; pancakes; burgers; meatloaf. They take credit and debit cards, and they’re open every day except Saturday (still, open on Sunday in this town is a victory). The service is wonderful. Go ahead and try Detz, if you must. But don’t ruin it.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The no-frills Detz Cafe. Notice the log trim above the walls. Nice touch.

The Philly sandwich, with onion rings, at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Philly steak and cheese sandwich is delicious. Try it with onion rings.

The Philly sandwich, with onion rings, at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Philly sandwich at Detz. Behold its beauty.

Cheeseburger at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Adrienne is a connoisseur of the cheeseburger, and she gave the Detz burger a thumbs up. Detz uses Ranch Foods Direct beef, and it was cooked perfectly. Me, I liked the shredded lettuce.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Detz looks like it's out of business for some reason. Something about their sign or their building. Something.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

If you've been downtown, you've probably seen this sign. Or have you?

Blueberry pie, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Judging from the remains on this plate, we might have scarfed down some pie after gorging on other food.

Blueberry pie, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Ah, yes, looks like someone had the presence of mind to take a picture of the pie before it was devoured.

Pancakes, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The single pancake. In addition to being a connoisseur of the cheeseburger, Adrienne is also a savorer of the pancake, and she says this rivals Maggie's for the best in Colorado Springs.

Hot turkey sandwich, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs

I am a huge fan of the hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes. Detz did not disappoint.

The Early Riser breakfast at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Early Riser breakfast at Detz. I think I've just overdosed on AMERICA: pancakes, coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs, ketchup. It's like eating an American flag.

Dinner salad, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The dinner salad at Detz comes with the retro crackers.

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Diner Burgers in Colorado Springs

There are lots of diners here in Colorado Springs. They are mostly pretty retro (and not always in a good way). Since we’ve been eating pretty light at home, I’ve been dying for a burger when we go out, so I’ve had quite a few lately. Here are some diner burgers.

Maggie Mae’s: 2405 E. Pikes Peak Ave

We love Maggie’s. I usually get breakfast which is tasty and cheap. Mike usually gets one of their many Mexican lunch items. One day I noticed that they have burgers, so I ordered one. I enjoyed it a great deal. Recommended!

Maggie Mae's burger and fries.

Maggie Mae's burger and fries.

Cheeseburger from Maggie Mae's.

Cheeseburger from Maggie Mae's.

Sandy’s Restaurant: 6940 Space Village Ave.
Sandy’s is our new favorite diner. They have a bunch of different burgers. I got the 4 ounce, but they also have 8 ounce versions of all their burgers. Yummy! The best thing was that our server asked if I wanted mayonnaise. Of course I wanted mayonnaise, thanks for asking! Also recommended.
Sandy's cheeseburger and fries

Sandy's cheeseburger and fries

Shopper’s Grill: 2320 North Wahsatch Avenue
You’ve probably seen the cute little store front with the vintage sign and the retro name in the Bon Center by Ace Hardware and Safeway a bunch of times, right? We have too, so one day we went in. It isn’t nearly as cute inside as it is outside — it looks pretty much like all the other diners in Colorado Springs, like they last remodeled in the 1980s. The food was as unremarkable as the decor, including the burger, which only came with chips, no fries. Not so recommended, but maybe their other stuff is good. It’s been there for a million years so they must be doing something right.
Shopper's Grill cheeseburger

Shopper's Grill cheeseburger

Breakfast at Maggie Mae’s, Home made mexican food, cats, and a picnic on the porch

Bistro French Toast from our fave Maggie Mae’s.

Homemade tostadas and Spanish rice.

Mini picnic on the side porch. Good afternoon sunshine.

Cheesecake for breakfast! This morning we went to “Homegrown on Tejon” which is a tiny farmers market right down the street. The vendors have to sell things that are grown here- like within 10 miles or something. It was extra small today because it was the first day and also because we’ve had horrible weather. I hope that things pick up and it gets bigger cuz it’s a neat concept. After we went there we went to Poor Richard’s for “breakfast”.

The porch on the other side of the house, connected to the kitchen with french doors. Some stuff is growing but the weather…


Wildflowers in Garden Of The Gods.