Diner Burgers in Colorado Springs

There are lots of diners here in Colorado Springs. They are mostly pretty retro (and not always in a good way). Since we’ve been eating pretty light at home, I’ve been dying for a burger when we go out, so I’ve had quite a few lately. Here are some diner burgers.

Maggie Mae’s: 2405 E. Pikes Peak Ave

We love Maggie’s. I usually get breakfast which is tasty and cheap. Mike usually gets one of their many Mexican lunch items. One day I noticed that they have burgers, so I ordered one. I enjoyed it a great deal. Recommended!

Maggie Mae's burger and fries.

Maggie Mae's burger and fries.

Cheeseburger from Maggie Mae's.

Cheeseburger from Maggie Mae's.

Sandy’s Restaurant: 6940 Space Village Ave.
Sandy’s is our new favorite diner. They have a bunch of different burgers. I got the 4 ounce, but they also have 8 ounce versions of all their burgers. Yummy! The best thing was that our server asked if I wanted mayonnaise. Of course I wanted mayonnaise, thanks for asking! Also recommended.
Sandy's cheeseburger and fries

Sandy's cheeseburger and fries

Shopper’s Grill: 2320 North Wahsatch Avenue
You’ve probably seen the cute little store front with the vintage sign and the retro name in the Bon Center by Ace Hardware and Safeway a bunch of times, right? We have too, so one day we went in. It isn’t nearly as cute inside as it is outside — it looks pretty much like all the other diners in Colorado Springs, like they last remodeled in the 1980s. The food was as unremarkable as the decor, including the burger, which only came with chips, no fries. Not so recommended, but maybe their other stuff is good. It’s been there for a million years so they must be doing something right.
Shopper's Grill cheeseburger

Shopper's Grill cheeseburger

Sandy’s: Home of the loud opinion

I’ve been known to have an opinion about a thing or two. And I’ve been known to sometimes share them. Fact is, there are a lot of things wrong with the world, and I have some solutions. Now, if only people would listen.

So while I am in the political minority at Sandy’s restaurant, I feel comfortable here because the diners are loudly solving all the world’s problems. Deadbeats (individual and corporate); religion (mainstream and otherwise); legal matters (tax laws, tort reform) — all varieties of trouble with the world were debated and being solved over enormous plates of delicious food.

We can disagree on the finer points of our “welfare state” or the “military industrial complex” or whether Obama is Swedish or eating ostrich is “wrong,” but one thing we all can agree on is deliciousness.

If you’re ever out in this part of the world, the faraway part of Colorado Springs east of town, it’s definitely worth stopping in at Sandy’s.

The good: Customer service. Fantastic. The server sensed that Adrienne didn’t want to eat an entire order of the pancakes, so she offered a single pancake at a reduced cost even though it wasn’t on the menu. Coffees were fresh and strong and refilled frequently. Genuine kindness and courtesy. Excellent portions. Affordable.

The bad: Not much. But again with a business that doesn’t take debit or credit cards. I don’t believe I will ever understand this. Crazy hours. They close at 2 p.m. or something. I suppose that’s par for the course with diners like this, so it’s really not too terrible. In my ideal world, though, everything’s open 24 hours.

Breakfast at Sandy's restaurant, Colorado Springs

I had corned-beef hash, with three eggs (over-medium) and hash browns. Wheat toast (tasted home-made). The pancake isn't mine.

Breakfast at Sandy's restaurant, Colorado Springs.

Adrienne didn't want the full order of pancakes, so the server suggested a single pancake. It rivals Maggie Mae's pancakes for best in the Springs.

Sandy's restaurant, Colorado Springs

The burger at Sandy's was very good, and so were the fries. Add Sandy's to the list of places to go for a good burger.

So go to Sandy’s. Solve the world’s problems. And also, don’t eat ostrich. What’s wrong with you?




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