Shhh. It’s a secret.

Sometimes, when you find a treasure, you want to show everyone, shout it out: Hey, look at this great thing!

But then there are times when you want to keep it to yourself, when your secret is too precious to share.

So it’s with a troubled heart that I tell you about Detz Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs (211 E. Cucharras). We love it, and we’d like it if you love it, too, but we also don’t want it to become so popular that it’s ruined. Maybe it’s best that there are no reviews of it anywhere. Maybe it’s best that the Yelpers haven’t discovered it. We like it just the way it is.

In the back of my mind, I’ve always known about Detz. It’s always been there. I just always thought it was closed or defunct. And sometimes, I think I must have thought it’s just a building that’s part of the Jiffy Lube next door. It’s nearly invisible. But since we’ve been moving, and since someone can’t seem to figure out how to attach the stove to the gas supply, we’ve been eating at Detz nearly every day.

I can tell you it isn’t any kind of incentive to fix that stove.

Detz serves perfect American comfort food: corned-beef hash; pancakes; burgers; meatloaf. They take credit and debit cards, and they’re open every day except Saturday (still, open on Sunday in this town is a victory). The service is wonderful. Go ahead and try Detz, if you must. But don’t ruin it.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The no-frills Detz Cafe. Notice the log trim above the walls. Nice touch.

The Philly sandwich, with onion rings, at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Philly steak and cheese sandwich is delicious. Try it with onion rings.

The Philly sandwich, with onion rings, at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Philly sandwich at Detz. Behold its beauty.

Cheeseburger at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Adrienne is a connoisseur of the cheeseburger, and she gave the Detz burger a thumbs up. Detz uses Ranch Foods Direct beef, and it was cooked perfectly. Me, I liked the shredded lettuce.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Detz looks like it's out of business for some reason. Something about their sign or their building. Something.

Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

If you've been downtown, you've probably seen this sign. Or have you?

Blueberry pie, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Judging from the remains on this plate, we might have scarfed down some pie after gorging on other food.

Blueberry pie, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

Ah, yes, looks like someone had the presence of mind to take a picture of the pie before it was devoured.

Pancakes, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The single pancake. In addition to being a connoisseur of the cheeseburger, Adrienne is also a savorer of the pancake, and she says this rivals Maggie's for the best in Colorado Springs.

Hot turkey sandwich, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs

I am a huge fan of the hot turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes. Detz did not disappoint.

The Early Riser breakfast at Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The Early Riser breakfast at Detz. I think I've just overdosed on AMERICA: pancakes, coffee, bacon, scrambled eggs, ketchup. It's like eating an American flag.

Dinner salad, Detz Cafe, downtown Colorado Springs.

The dinner salad at Detz comes with the retro crackers.

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A bunch of misc. pics

Road trip: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California

A couple weeks ago we drove out in the Jeep with the cats from Colorado Springs to L.A. We took three days and stopped in Albuquerque and Phoenix. Here are some pics!

On the road again. Cookie Puss riding shotgun this time.

PJ kept an eye out for Smokies coming up the rear.

First stop: What A Grind in Trinidad, CO. Good coffee and we parked right out front so we could keep an eye on the passengers.

Next stop: Albuquerque. We went to this diner because I had read good things about it, it had a cool sign, and was right on Rt. 66.

It wasn’t very good and they served fake butter, which as you know is one of my major peeves.
The chicken rice soup was really good so I had hope for the rest of the meal.

The jalapeno poppers were greasy, and not in a good way. Like the oil was old. Yuk.

The meatloaf wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t that great. The mashed potatoes weren’t fresh. Not sure if they were from a package or frozen or what but how hard is it to make fresh mashed potatoes in a DINER- sheesh. The veggies were good.

Fake butter!

DM had some kinda Mexican combo plate that he said was also only OK.

See? That face says “only OK”

After dinner we walked around a little bit in the revitalized downtown which wasn’t all that exciting. Then we went back to the La Quinta which we chose because they allow pets in the rooms without any extra fees. The rooms are clean and nice, too.

The next day we went to an old diner downtown called Lindy’s. The use real half and half so they probably use real butter, too!

I didn’t find out about the butter because I didn’t order anything that I needed to put butter on. Plain old scrambled eggs and hash browns. Again, tho, ONLY OK!

DM had corn beef hash, eggs and hashbrowns. I think he enjoyed them. Still, what gives Albuquerque? Next time we go thru on the way back, I have a couple ideas of places to go that I’ve already been to that know are good.

Pretty sunset on the road from Flagstaff to Phoenix.

Oops this is out of order. This is a sign for the Hollywood Bar and Cafe I’ve seen a million times and always been too lazy to stop and shoot. it’s in Trinidad, CO and I think it’s closed now because there was a stabbing or something.

I think this was also in Trinidad.

This too.

Remember when we went to Dallas and I took all those pictures that dissapeared? I took them again. This is in Raton, New Mexico.

So is this.

And this:

Ok, back to the right order. Here we are at Groggy’s in Mesa (Phoenix). This is the bar me and DM used to go to when I first started visiting (stalking) him when he lived out there. Heh.

This is The Ham Bone, another of our old haunts. They’ve fixed it up a little including the sign which used to be broken and when lit up just said “bone dancing”.

Does anyone know this guy!? I recognized him! I didn’t want to tell him that because, hello, I’m not hitting on you, dude. So I made DM ask him where he’s from. He’s from So Cal but not anywhere near where I’m from. However, he also said *I* looked familiar to HIM. WTF? So I thought I’d ask around. Maybe we met thru mutual friends or something.

After the Ham Bone we drove around Mesa to look at other cool signs. I’ve seen this one in books but never in person so that was fun. There were lots more but it was night and I didn’t have a tripod so they were all super blurry. Yea, didn’t have a tripod, that’s it…:)

So that’s it! We went from Phoenix to LA the next day with minimal fanfare. I have lots of pics from when DM was here and he’s coming back again next week so I guess I better make another post or two before then.

Road Trip To Dallas and Forth Worth, Old Signs, Cats, and Lots Of Food

Dangermike,  the cats and I went to Dallas last week. We took tons of pictures but about half of them mysteriously disappeared. I have no idea how, why, or where. I thought I loaded them all onto the netbook before erasing the cards.  Oh well.

We rented a trailer so that the cats could ride in the car and have room to move around. We also had to bring some stuff back with us that we don’t need at the new place. The settled in right away and were great travelers.

Cookie Puss wasn’t quite sure at first.

The first day we got up really early so about half way to Amarillo we needed to nap at a rest stop. We wanted to sleep for 20 minutes and ended up sleeping for two hours! It was a long day.

PJ checking things out from the passenger seat.

OK this is out of order. I made a float with coffee ice cream and cream soda that I read on The Kitchn. It was not very good. I’ll stick to root beer and vanilla ice cream.

Now Peedge wants to drive.

Cruisin’ with The Dange.


Yummies from Cafe Brazil.

Um. Ok.

We got to Dallas friday night and DM flew out to St.Louis to see his daughter for her birthday on Saturday morning while I did a photo shoot. Sunday I did a shoot at the new studio to get used to it and DM got back to Dallas on Sunday night. We went out drinking at Lee Harvey’s, which I posted on the ole FB- as I mentioned there, I found it without a map or directions, in the dark, after having only been once before and coming from a different direction. I rule. But then DM bought a GPS because aside from that flukey thing, Dallas is IMPOSSIBLE to navigate.
Monday we went to White Rock Lake near downtown Dallas.

Lunch at The Railhead in Fort Worth on Tuesday.

Using the noggin and taking pics of the signs so I can remember the places we eat.

We are sort of obsessed with architectural salvage places now and read that this was a good one, which it was. We got some shelf brackets here.

Then we wandered around Fort Worth and went down to the (touristy) Stockyard area.

Wanted to pop in here for a quick drink before heading back to Dallas.

But it was open mic night and we stayed for the singers who, for the most part were pretty good.

They included a really old dude in spangles.

A guy who looked like the love child of Kenny and Jason Aldean.

Another Kenny-esque performer.

And yet another Kenny lookalike. After sitting and drinking while 15 acts played, we got pretty drunk. Oh well, so much for one drink.

We were in Dallas for a week but like I said, most of my pictures went missing, so here we are heading back to CO already. This is the broken down town- there were several from this set and then tons that went missing. I just don’t get it! It’s menacing me! Anyhow, here are some cute kittens.

DMs new office.

Cookie Puss is supervising the filling of the car with gas.

Dinner in Amarillo. Yum.

The next day we hung out in Amarillo awhile and went to have lunch and to some antique stores. I bought a cute little orange kitchen cart and we ate delicious BBQ at Ribs and More in Amarillo on 6th Ave aka RT. 66.

Random stuff along the highway in Texas.

We came across an old drive in that was no longer. It was really neat so we explored it awhile.

The screen had fallen down. Right on top of a swing set and bent it completely over.

An abandoned church in a mostly abandoned little town in New Mexico.

And finally, another cuuuuuuute kitten. There were like 10 of them living in this old church.

Family Vacation Part Four

Breakfast in Ridgway Colorado at Kate’s Place.

Telluride, CO. Really neat. I want to go back soon.

Apple fritter from a bakery in Telluride.

Cool old sign in Cortez, CO

Old hotel in Durango. Durango was very crowded with tourists and not as exciting as I hoped it would be.

We did have a nice dinner at one of their local brew pubs, I think it was called Steamworks.

I had the Steam Engine Lager.

And a steak salad.

While my brother mocked me with his Coors Light.

The nephews and their usual homemade root beer.

Silverton, CO. Very cute. We had coffee and wireless internet in a great little cafe there, that for some reason I took no pictures of. It was a shack/house that was turned into a cafe. I also don’t remember the name. Leave a comment if you know the name of the place. Doh. I am a bad blogger.

Silverton Jail!

Dad and me waiting for mom to get off the phone. The usual.

We made a loop back to Ouray. I liked Ouray but not as much as Telluride.

Lunch! I had tomato soup.

And grilled cheese with pesto sandwich and truffle fries.

Mom had chicken salad.

Continental Divide

Salida. It was raining and late by the time we go there and this little place was the only thing open. They had the best margaritas!

I had a really good shrimp salad. We went there the next day for lunch, too. I had a steak salad but it wasn’t as good as the shrimp one!

Coffee the next day at a cute little coffee house. Name I can’t remember, of course.

The place we went back to to have lunch. It was right on the river and there were kyakers and rafters floating on by while we had lunch.