Red-light cameras are off

To my great disappointment, the city has decided to pull the plug on its red-light cameras, because apparently, the program “didn’t meet safety expectations.” Not sure if this means the cameras are off today or tomorrow, so if you’re planning to run the lights, probably ought to wait. Just to be safe.

I believe camera enforcement of routine traffic violations is a good idea and frees up the police to do things like solving crimes. If my boss at my day job could replace me with a camera, you can bet he’d be all over that. And also, it’s easy money for a city struggling for cash. (I sent in $75 — which is half the price of a regular ticket. Win-win.)

So farewell, our short-lived traffic enforcement program. Maybe we will meet again someday in some other city.

Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras are off

I am an outlaw, jeoparding the lives of all around me.

Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras are off

The smirk of dangerous criminals will now be witnessed only by police hiding at intersections.


Red-light cameras: They’re still on!

Saw a great bumper sticker the other day: I DRIVE TOO FAST TO WORRY ABOUT CHOLESTEROL

Haha. It’s funny because it’s true. Anyway, some months back I warned you all about the red-light cameras Colorado Springs was setting up at the city’s most dangerous profitable intersections.

Well, it was only a matter of time that I was mailed a ticket. I’m surprised, actually, that it’s taken this long. At Platte and Murray, I came to a rolling stop and turned right even though the light was red. In my defense, the light had been red for only 30 or 40 seconds. Who has those kind of reflexes!?

I said before, and I say again, even though losing $75 stings a little, it’s much better than being pulled over by an actual police officer. And I’ll repeat again that getting nabbed by the cameras is half the price of a cop writing you up. A bargain.

So for those of you who might be new to the Springs, or for those of you who might have forgotten about these Sentinels of Safety, here’s a map:
View Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras in a larger map

Colorado Springs traffic ticket red-light camera

Here I am at the Platte and Murray intersection with my daughter. I am nanoseconds from breaking the law.


Colorado Springs traffic enforcement

It's surprising we even survived this kind of reckless driving.


Colorado Springs red-light camera

Creeping through the intersection: A crime in progress. I bet this is exactly how Jesse James felt. Exhilarating!



Red-light cameras are on

Public Service Announcement: Colorado Springs red-light enforcement cameras are watching, and police have started issuing citations.

View Colorado Springs red-light traffic cameras in a larger map

There’s been a lot of controversy about the red-light cameras, and I know, nobody likes to get a ticket. But here’s the thing: You get mailed a ticket, you pay, it’s over. You get pulled over by a cop, and it could be a daylong ordeal. Where’re you going in such a hurry? You didn’t have your seat belt on. Have you had anything to drink? I see you’re wearing green. Mind explaining that? Step out of the car, please.

Sorry. I’d rather have robots just mailing me tickets than have to deal with police hiding in bushes like predators.

And besides, getting a red-light ticket in the mail is a bargain. It’s only $75 compared with the $150 it would cost if the ticket’s issued by an officer. You can run two lights for the price of one. And no points off your license with the mail-in tickets. The red-light cameras are win-win, people.

And what happens if you don’t pay? Good question. My understanding is that if you get a ticket in the mail and “lose” it, you have to be served in person. If they never get the chance to serve you? Dunno. I’m sure they know who you are and have ways of ruining your life.