Green River, Utah

Poor Utah. There’s something kind of sad about Utah. Especially its beer.

But the terrible fact about Utah is that you sometimes have to drive through it to get somewhere else.

We consoled ourselves with wonderful (but expensive) cheeseburgers at Ray’s Tavern.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah

If you're in Green River, Utah, and you need some food, you might end up here.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah.

Ray's Tavern is ready for Christmas.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah.

At over $8, the burgers at Ray's are a little pricey. But they're very tasty. The beer, though, is only OK. It's kind of cute that Utah even bothers to sell beer. Poor Utah.

Ray's Tavern, Green River, Utah

The girfriend says Ray's gets extra points for offering mayonnaise with the burgers without asking. I don't understand mayonnaise.

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Road Trip 2010: An update

It hasn’t been the best road trip, I’m afraid. Inadequate planning and bad weather have tested our road-trip mettle, and we’ve fared poorly so far. But tomorrow’s another day, and we’re going to keep going.

However, I’ve been learning a lot on this road trip.

  • CruiseAmerica rental RVs are kind of junky.
  • Do not buy meat at Wal-Mart.
  • The cats don’t care about the millions of years it took to form the magnificent formations of Arches National Park. They have no sense of history or scale.
  • When someone in the vehicle is cold, discussions about the distinction between freezing and brisk might not be appropriate.
  • Utah’s liquor and beer laws are shockingly stupid.
  • It’s possible that not everyone in the vehicle appreciates your unique rendition of Johnny Horton’s “North (to Alaska).”
  • When she asks if you want to change your shirt, it’s not really a question. She’s telling you to change your shirt.

At any rate, we’ve somehow managed to not kill each other or destroy the RV. And we’ve also somehow managed to end up in Moab, Utah, with a bunch of off-roaders in the rain.

Stay tuned!

Road Trip 2010

When she asks if you think you might like to change your shirt, what she really means is: Christ, you look ridiculous. Change your shirt.

Road Trip 2010, Rifle, Colorado

Fishing in Rifle, Colorado.

Road Trip 2010, mystery meat from Wal-Mart

What the hell is this meat? The package said "flatiron steak," but this is clearly not flatiron steak. It tasted like pork. It was very difficult to cook.

Road Trip 2010, Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado

The "falls" part of Rifle Falls State Park in Colorado.

Road Trip 2010.

PJ the cat is only slightly interested in travel.

Road Trip 2010, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The vapor caves in Glenwood Springs. Totally worth it. You descend into this cavern naturally steam-heated by hot springs.

Road Trip 2010, morning, Day 1

McDonald's breakfast. I know McDonald's isn't the best food in the world, but it's iconic American road-trip food.

Road Trip 2010, chicken

Adrienne prepared some amazing chicken for us to take with us on the trip.

Utah Road Trip

We drove my Jeep here on Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn’t take many pictures but of course I took some of the food…:)

This is at Mom’s Cafe in Salina. It’s famous! It’s pretty good. DM had chicken fried steak.

I had regular old fried chicken which was DELISH! MMMMM.

The corn was just canned corn, nothing to speak of. The mashed potatoes were really good but I could have lived without the gravy.  Also, they don’t use real butter, which is one of my restaurant peeves. My other peeve is places that don’t use real half and half for coffee. Nondairy creamer is the flu. You’ll see me complain about these things a lot.

They also had good pie.