Flavors on Tejon- Edit: This restaurant is CLOSED

We went to Flavors on Tejon this afternoon for lunch. They’re located across the street from Poor Richards and up the street from Tony’s. They’re only open till 3:00 (cuz they hate money apparently) according to their website but I thought their sign said 2:00. You should call first.

The inside is really kind of cavernous- spacious but kind of cold. Like it needs to be broken in. It could use some walls or something, too.

The service was pleasant but a little bit slow. I don’t mind that sometimes but I think dangermike was annoyed.

They didn’t have breakfast available at noon when we were there which was kind of lame. If you’re gonna act like a diner with those ridiculous hours you should act like a damn diner (altho the ambience and food was not dinerish at all) and serve breakfast all day. This is the second place we’ve been to with those hours that only serves breakfast for like 5 minutes. The other place was Sheldon’s Luncheonette over in Old Colorado City-ish. OMG I forgot to do a review of them but I will. It was delish. ANYHOW back to Flavors on Tejon.

 They do serve omlettes all day- I guess omlettes aren’t really breakfast. So I ordered a spinach, mushroom, sundried tomato, and goat cheese omlette. It came with either potato cake (hmmm intriguing) or caprese tomatoes. I love caprese tomatoes (tomatoes with basil and olive oil- these also had some seasoning which was really good) so I ordered them. And some hot tea. They didn’t have any regular black tea so I had chai tea. I like to have black tea and it bugs when places are too fancy for plain black tea. But the chai was fine. The whole lunch was really good. I’d definitely recommend that meal. Dangermike had the Philly which was roast beef, peppers, and onions with cheese on a nice thick sandwhich bread. Oh yea, mine also came with really amazing thick whole grain toast. They were a little skimpy on the butter but not as bad as most places. The only place that’s not skimpy on the toast butter is Maggie Mae’s over on Pikes Peak by Union. That place rocks. I’ll do a review on it someday. We go there like once a week so I have a lot to say about it. ANYHOW Dangermike’s also came with fries or chips. They also had sweet potato fries which you know I love. DM offered to get them for me but he’s not a fan and I don’t really need the carbs so he just got the chips. I liked the chips, they were thick and they tasted sort of BBQish but he said they weren’t. I dunno.

They had about 3 or 4 other omlettes, a huge breakfast menu with all the usual suspects, as well as several other sandwiches and salads. I’m gonna definitely need to come back for one of the many french toast items. Someone nearby ordered the veggie sandwich which was my second choice and probably what I’ll get next time. Another neighbor got a steak salad that looked spectacular. I love steak salad! I”ll get that someday, too. They have a sections called “Random Flavors”. You know I love anyone who uses the word “random” on a menu.

So yea, go to Flavors on Tejon, it’s really great.