Tejon Street Music: A-plus

My guitar must be broken.

When I play it, it just doesn’t sound very good. It can’t be because I never practice or because I don’t really know how to play. No, the guitar is probably broken.

So I took it in to Tejon Street Music to have them give it a look. “Action seems a little high,” I told them. That sounds like something that happens to guitars, doesn’t it?

The man picked it up, plucked it a little and said, no, this guitar is in great shape. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever.

I don’t remember ever taking anything in to fix anywhere and having the guy say, nope, nothing’s wrong, go home.

Refreshing honesty. What should be baseline behavior becomes exceptional because it’s so rare.

So I just bought a (very reasonably priced) strap and a pick. The strap will probably improve my playing.

Tejon Street Music, downtown Colorado Springs
Tejon Street Music, downtown Colorado Springs.