“The A-Team”: B-minus

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Movie review!

I count myself now among the few dozen people in my city to be the first to see “The A-Team” movie. You probably think that’s pretty exciting. I know I do!

Lots of explosions and plot devices that don’t make any sense. The success of most of the action depends on luck and coincidence. Plenty of obvious humor and punchy one-liners. A female lead who’s far too attractive and under-dressed for whatever it is she’s doing (look, you’re barging into enemy camp with automatic weapons, maybe you should think about putting some clothes on).

Two questions:

  • In action movies, the climax is often shot in shipyards, docks, abandoned warehouses, etc. Are people routinely allowed to just wander into these places? They look dangerous. And there are always chains hanging from somewhere. What are those for?
  • At some point in the movie, one of the Bad Guys was beating up on B.A. pretty good and taunting him and kept calling him “Barack”:  “Is that the best you can do, Barack?” I know B.A.’s last name is “Baracas,” but was “Barack” thrown in as a little political jab? What’s that mean?

At any rate, you know exactly what this movie’s about. You’re not going to this show expecting the next “Mystic River.” It is what it is. You might as well go see it. What else are you doing?

One other thing: After the credits, there’s a couple of nice cameo appearance shorts featuring two of the original cast members (Dirk Benedict as Face and Dwight Schultz as Murdock). Nice. But what about Mr.T? I know George Peppard is dead, so there’s of course no cameo from him. But Mr.T? He’s for sure got some free time and could probably use the money. Wonder what that story’s all about.