The Downtown Dentist

You’re probably looking forward to your next dentist visit. Who wouldn’t be?

Except your dentist is probably gross, and the office is scary. Outdated magazines in the lobby, unattended children terrorizing you, screams of pain coming from somewhere in the back. And also, your dentist probably smells of Old Spice and Vitalis.

Dentists have a huge PR problem.

Me, I go to The Downtown Dentist. That’s right: A dentist right downtown on Tejon. People think downtown Colorado Springs has only bars, and while it’s nice to be able to get your teeth checked then step next door or down the street for a whiskey to drown your sorrows about how many cavities you have, there’s much more to downtown than bars.

Like Dr. Julia Rohleder, the dentist. The Downtown Dentist is hip, modern, clean, and pleasant (for a dentist’s office). There’s a little upselling that will likely happen, but I’ve never visited a dentist who didn’t try to get me to do something to make my teeth better. One even said I have teeth “like a rabbit.” Whatever.

If you’re in the market for a dentist, give the Downtown Dentist a try.

The way things used to be
If this is what you need to do to have good teeth, just forget it and never smile again. Or eat.
Dr. Julia Rohleder, Downtown Dentist, Colorado Springs
I'll have you know that these teeth can chew through cinder blocks and lead pipes.