The Week Of The Chicken

I dunno, I keep reading all these blogs about eating well for cheap. Most of them seem to make meals that use a lot of processed crappy stuff like canned soups and things from a box. I’m just not down with that and don’t consider it “eating well”.  But I do like the idea of saving money.  Several of these blogs talk about cooking a chicken at the beginning of the week and using it all week long for dinners.  That sounds halfway reasonable. Especially just for two people. So I thought I’d try it.

I spent about $60 in groceries, which included not only a whole chicken but also a bag of frozen chicken tenderloins just to be on the safe side. Also a bunch of other stuff. Plus I already had a few things in the house. I’m going to make everything with this budget: breakfast and dinner plus snacks (we don’t usually have lunch cuz of our weird schedule). It won’t all add up perfectly but once I do this this week, I’ll see if it’s worth doing again and get a system going.

I guess I’ll write here every day about what I’ve made and how much, approximately, it cost. Then maybe at the end of the week, a recap. We’ll see how it plays out.

Wednesday night I made quesadillas and salad. I had some lettuce, tomato, and blue cheese dressing in the house. I also had some leftover mashed potatoes and some black beans, along with some tortillas, and I used four of the chicken tenderloins I bought, plus some cheese.

Chicken, mashed potato, black bean, and cheese quesadilla.
Chicken, mashed potato, black bean, and cheese quesadilla.
Dinner on the cheap
Dinner on the cheap

So, total cost was probably a little over $5 for two people.

2 tortillas: .75

1/4 can of black beans: .25

leftover mashed potatoes: .50

4 chicken tenders:  $2.00

1/4 bag of shredded cheese: .40

1/4 head of lettuce: .50

1 tomato: .50

salad dressing: .25

Is that good?

Then last night I just made a roasted chicken and some gravy which cost about $8 total. We had a huge junky lunch so we weren’t that hungry for dinner. We didn’t eat it all so we’ll use it again. We probably had about $2 worth.

So far so good on that one.

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