While we were gone on our road trip, the Independent named its best local bloggers.

We tied for third, which gives us mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s nice to be mentioned, and we appreciate all the votes. On the other hand, we tied for third with John Hazlehurst.

First place went to Carrie Isaac at Springs Bargains. Of course we can’t compete with Ms. Isaac. Who doesn’t love a bargain? So we congratulate her.

In second place, Kate Singh, who pens the In and Around the Springs blog. Singh and the blog work for the LAMESTREAM media, so it’s no surprise they beat us.

As for third place, Oinkety tied with John Hazlehurst of the Colorado Springs Business Journal — not quite lamestream, but pretty lame! LOL, no, we kid the business journal. Seriously, though: Hazlehurst doesn’t write about cats. How can that be any kind of winner?

We are honored to be mentioned, and we congratulate the winners. Except for John Hazlehurst. It’s clear we must destroy him.

Colorado Springs Business Journal vs. Oinkety
Oinkety vs. John Hazlehurst of the Colorado Springs Business Journal. There can be only one third-place blog.