Three Colorado Springs Restaurants

When I got backĀ into town DM took me out for a birthday dinner at The Ritz Grill. It was suuuuuuuper delish. I had a flatiron steak (my new fave thing ever) with mashed potatoes and string beans. OMG it was the best. We sat in a booth overlooking the restaurant and the bar. The servers and bartenders were all really cute and nice. It was great. Gotta go back there.
Last night we went to The Blue Star. I had a Lassater grass fed beef cheeseburger. It was just ok. I have been dying for years and years to have a Lassater grass fed burger, tho, so that was fun. I had bookmarked their site like 5 years ago but wondered when the heck I’d ever get to Colorado. Hee hee. Anyhow, DM has this steak tips thing with a mango sauce (that was soooooooo awesome, OMG) and mashed potatoes and string beans. His meal was the best- much better than mine. Oh yea, and we also had a really good salad with iceburg wedge, some kind of yummy dressing and deep fried shallots. It rocked. For dessert we had panna cotta with raspberries and blackberries. It was really good, too. For sure want to go back there- they have wine tastings and tapas on Wednesday nights. They serve the wine in big old glasses like I like.

In a little while we’re going to go to the pet store, maybe the library (they have a GREAT library here- I finally got a library card), a restaurant that’s famous for PIE and perhaps the farmers market (if it’s open- it’s been raining all day). Later we’re gonna try to hit Old Chicago for deep dish (PMS) pizza. OINK.