Tony’s is Colorado Springs’ worst bar.

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This time wasn’t so bad, actually, thanks to Josh.

Josh is an excellent bartender.

It’s become a tradition: We walk to Tony’s when it storms. If there’s a heavy snow, we’re hoofin’ it to Tony’s for a drink because they are always open. Now, it isn’t a secret how I feel about Tony’s. But since it’s close, and since it was snowing, we had to go.

I’ll say again, too, how Josh the bartender made all the difference. Our pitchers were never empty for long, and he was a good sport about me taking his picture. So there will need to be a few more consistently good visits before Tony’s loses the title of Colorado Springs’ worst bar, but if they keep this up, they’re on the right track.

Tony's bar in downtown Colorado Springs
When it storms, we walk to Tony's. It's a tradition.
Greg McElvain, Christian Murdock, me
Here we are at Tony's. It's Greg "Mac" McElvain, Christian Murdock, and me.
Tony's bar in downtown Colorado Springs
The bar at Tony's.