Turkey Dinner

So I was in LA this year for Thanksgiving so I couldn’t make DM our annual (hee hee) Thanksgiving dinner. So I’m making it tonight. I’m upgrading the chicken to a turkey breast and the stuffing to semi-homemade (still from a bag but from a Whole Foods bag- and adding sausage, celery, and onions). Also I made an apple cake last night that we’ll have for dessert instead of pie.

The rest will remain the same as last year:

Mashed potatoes
Stuffing from a box
Green beans with carmelized onions in vinegar
Cranberry sauce (from Traders)
Pumpkin Pie (frozen from Traders-this was surprisingly delicious)

We had a HUGE lunch today- I had a buffalo burger (yum) in Manitou so I dunno how hungry we’ll be in an hour when it’s ready.

Meanwhile we’re listening to cheesy Christmas music (I think DM has had just about enough of this part) and drinking eggnog and rum (after trying several other cocktails that were no good- see photo below) and taking pictures.

Jim Beam and Cola in a can! Who’s ever heard of such a thing!?