Two new downtown businesses

Two new downtown businesses to support!

As you may know, I am a master fly-fisherman. So it was nice to see a fly shop opening up downtown, giving me convenient access to all the many things I need as a master fly-fisherman: leaders, tippets, Blue-Wing Olives, streamers, elk-hair caddis.

Ghillies Hackle & Tackle Fly Shop isn’t exactly a new operation. They were at Austin Bluffs near Academy before the move to downtown (117 S. Nevada). I’m glad they’re there, and I hope it turns out to be a great spot for them.

Also discovered downtown this weekend was this weird little place called Splash on Tejon, whose business card tells us that “Creativity is a weapon!!”

From what I understand, you stop in at Splash, pay $35, and you get a canvas, paint and professional instruction for a night of fun creating a masterpiece. They also serve wine and beer — Bristol’s in fact, which is a huge plus. So go paint, drink, create. Looks fun.

PJ is not a master fly-fisherman.
When you are a master fly-fisherman, you don't need help untangling your line from a dumb old cat. But PJ just has to have an opinion about everything.