Use the Shop-Vac filter. Trust me.

Apparently, in a wet-dry vacuum, there’s a filter. And if this filter isn’t used properly (or at all), bad things happen.

Consider: We decided to clean all of our vents since we’re using the heat a little now, and part of this cleaning is getting down on the floor and shoving the vacuum hose down in there to clear out the century of dust and grime. We were also hoping to find some treasure, or a mummified cat or something.

At one point during the cleanup, Adrienne was hunched over one vent, cleaning it with a warm, wet sponge, and I was hunched over another vent with the vacuum. And coming out of this hole on the top of the vacuum was every filthy, miserable thing we’d vacuumed just spraying all over the room.

Of course since our heads were buried in the vents, we didn’t notice that the entire room was now coated with vent dust and grime. And also, I’m not a general contractor or a master builder; how the hell am I supposed to know these things.

And so I present to you this valuable Home Improvement Tip: Use the filter on the vacuum.

What happens when you operate a shop-vac without the filter
I coated our entire bedroom with this dust and filth because apparently the vacuum filter is important.
What happens when you operate a shop-vac without the filter
Even on the ceiling. And though you can't tell from the pictures, wiping it down with a wet sponge just makes it worse.
The offending Shop-Vac.
Asshole Shop-Vac. Looks a little like it's smirking, doesn't it?