Vallejo’s Mexican Restaurant, Colorado Springs

I’ve been on a Mexican kick lately. I’ve been dying for some tasty crispy tacos like at Alice’s. But better, and with better decor, and more reasonable hours, and where I won’t be charged for chips.

Last weekend after our shoot, Janel and Jessika and I wanted to go to dinner. I wanted a cheapo taqueria cuz I only had about 5 bucks. I guess I forgot for a minute that I wasn’t in L.A. or Phoenix and that this kind of thing actually existed and was open.

Jessika and Janel at Vallejo's, Colorado Springs.

Jessika and Janel at Vallejo's, Colorado Springs.

We wanted to go to Salsa Latina but they’re not open on weekends. Of course they’re not. Why would they be!? I mean, no one wants to go out to eat on weekends or anything. This sucks because their menu looks exactly like what I wanted. Then we went past El Taco Rey which I knew wouldn’t be open and of course wasn’t. I’ve only been there a few times and I know Mike doesn’t like it that much, but I wanted tacos, dammit! Anyhow, what’s with these people being closed on weekends? The owner of Salsa Latina is the son of the owner of El Taco Rey, so I guess not liking money is genetic.

So, since these places weren’t open on a Saturday night at dinner time, we went over to Vallejo’s at 111 South Corona Street. Just a few blocks east of El Taco Rey.

It was terrible.

The service was OK — the waitress was very nice. But that’s where the goodness ended.

First of all, this charging for chips thing is ridiculous. Why be so damn cheap? These chips were so clearly store bought, it wasn’t even funny. Seriously, I think they’re Tostitos or something. Four bucks for this? I was insulted. And I wasn’t even paying for dinner.

Charging for chips is greedy and wrong.

Charging for chips is greedy and wrong.

Everything was really expensive. And no spilt plates!

Everything was really expensive. And no split plates!

You’d think since it was so expensive they’d take credit or debit cards. You’d be wrong. But they do take personal checks. Personal checks? Is this 1950?

No credit cards, but yes personal checks!

No credit cards, but yes personal checks!

These three tacos were $7.75.  No rice, no beans, no nothing. The shells were store bought and the tacos, while not weird or disgusting, were at best elementary school cafeteria quality. I was having flashbacks to a public school 1st grade lunch where I was horrified and obviously scarred for life as I watched one of the girls eat her taco from the top instead of the side. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Cheese tacos from Vallejo's, Colorado Springs
Cheese tacos from Vallejo’s, Colorado Springs
I usually stay away from meat at places like this but Jessika braved the chicken tacos.
Chicken Tacos from Vallejo's, Colorado Springs

Chicken Tacos from Vallejo's, Colorado Springs

Janel had some bean combination thing that was like a million dollars and equally forgettable.  Look at that lamely small portion of rice and beans, which cost extra.

Bean combination plate with rice and beans a la carte.

Bean combination plate with rice and beans a la carte.

I do love to eat tacos on weekends, so please tell me some good places (preferably taqueria style, not restaurants) that are open on weekends.

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8 thoughts on “Vallejo’s Mexican Restaurant, Colorado Springs

  1. No, we haven’t but we’ve been meaning to! Thanks for the reminder. I wonder if they’re open today (like right now, I could use a taco, hee hee).

  2. I like Arceo’s on South Nevada (near the Wendy’s). A little outside your normal range of operations, but worth it. Free chips and rice and beans! And normal hours! It’s our go-to place for a huge, tasty Mexican meal.

  3. But I haven’t had their crispy tacos, so I can’t tell you how awesome they are. The soft ones are really nice, though.

  4. S. Nevada and the other is off Garden of the Gods. I’ve been to both and didn’t discern any real difference (we even got the same waiter at both places), except GOG is in a bigger building. I think I prefer the Nevada one.

  5. Monica’s Taco Shop on Cascade and Filmore is certainly not walking distance from downtown, but they have fantastic, reasonably priced taqueria type food that is quite authentic. They take credit cards, have long hours (6:00am – 11:00pm, if I’m not mistaken) and are within a few blocks of Cafe El Paso.

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