Venetucci Pumpkin Ale, at last

We were at Coaltrain last week, and people kept asking whether the Venetucci had come in yet. I didn’t know what they were talking about. Sounded like a wine. But it was very clearly a Serious Thing, because there was a waiting list. And one guy said he just came from Bristol and there was a line out the door, so we figured it was some kind of beer.

Eventually, we figured out it was Bristol Brewing Co.’s Venetucci Pumpkin Ale that everyone was so agog over.

It’s kind of a coincidence because just a couple of weeks earlier, we tasted Halloweenhead Pumpkin Ale from Phantom Canyon and were surprised by how much we liked it.

We were also a little surprised that we had never heard of the Venetucci Pumpkin Ale before. What we’ve learned since:

  • Bristol brews the pumpkin ale only once a year.
  • The waiting list is two years.
  • This year, they sold out in 12 hours.

So we gave up. We were just too late to this game, and the Venetucci was already over. But then, through a series of cosmic coincidences, Adrienne discovered some at one of our favorite downtown places (we’re not saying where because we don’t want you going there and hogging all the pumpkin ale).

Venetucci Pumpkin Ale, at last. After a grueling two days of searching. What a treat. Smooth, creamy, pumpkiny. Adrienne says it tastes like pumpkin pie. At any rate, believe the hype — and get on that waiting list.

Venetucci Pumpkin Ale
At long last, we finally get to try the elusive Venetucci Pumpkin Ale. Worth the wait.

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