We sold our cute little vintage Play Mor travel trailer last month, so here’s a repost from last year

When we got this beat-up little trailer, we didn’t know how much work it’d be — or how much fun! Every project seemed to lead to another project, and so on. We had to leave the trailer behind for now, but we’re by no means finished with it.

Here’s a quick roundup of the work we’ve done on it so far:

  • Painted interior
  • Painted exterior, bondo’d and filled holes and imperfections
  • Changed tires
  • Repacked / greased bearings
  • Replaced screen in door
  • Lubricated leaf springs
  • Upholstered cushions
  • Caulked and sealed exterior seams
  • Replaced exterior trim screws
  • Changed taillights
  • Replaced exterior outlet access
  • Installed bottle opener (probably among the more important upgrades)
  • Replaced wood under rear skin
  • Removed carpeting
  • Installed LED interior lights
  • Replaced exterior cord housing
  • Replaced fresh-water hose
  • Replaced drain on water tank
  • Replaced supply line on water tank
  • Installed flanges on exterior water supply / drain
  • Replaced all interior hardware
  • Replaced ice box with storage shelves
  • Made curtains
  • Installed interior trim / moulding
  • Shortened bunk bed for storage needs
  • Installed Ikea bathroom shelf and toilet paper holder
  • Purchased a portable toilet
I know a lot of you all out there are restoring and fixing up your old Play-Mors (and others). How’s it going?
Here she is on one of her very first trips — to Deckers.


And here she is on her final trip, somewhere in Wyoming.


A work in progress. We used Clark & Kensington exterior paint we picked up at Ace Hardware, and despite my reservations about its durability, it went on well and has held up so far.


The interior as it was when we bought it. Dark and panelly.


Cushions fresh from the upholsterer.


After some sprucing up, and with the cushions in place. Much lighter.


Now, with curtains and the bedding. Downright livable!


The best part of any project is napping in the middle of it.


The dining room, complete with chandelier.


In the dark of night, Blair Witch-style.


Getting the bearings out and lubed up.


After pulling up the nasty carpet, we find the original floor in excellent shape. Score.


When I said earlier that the best part of the project is napping in it, I was wrong. The best part is enjoying a beer in it beside the creek.


When it came time for the tedious interior painting, Adrienne got in and worked the tight spots.


Hard to believe this thing ended up looking as good as it did.


Some paint, some shelves, and it’s so much nicer.


Adrienne’s bedroom. Cozy.


This is typical of what the exterior looked like: Skin peeling off the edges, stripped screws, weird wires attached to the seams for no reason at all.


Part of what makes the whole thing work so well are the details, like this candle thing. This is Adrienne’s doing.


New paint, new reflectors, new screen door, and this old gal’s ready for travel.

So we’ve packed her away for a while till we figure out what we’re doing with our lives, and I can’t wait to get back to camping. There is beer to drink and fish to catch.