Why aren’t you voting?

I’m starting to get a little discouraged about this whole election thing. Can it really be possible that only 25 percent of ballots have been returned so far? Can it really be possible that so few people can be bothered to fill in a stupid ballot and put it in the mail? If that’s true, then not even pictures of cute baby animals will be able to lift this dolor.

Maybe the ballot is too confusing. Adrienne said that she can see why people would put it off because it looks like a huge hassle. And the secrecy sleeve. Besides being completely unnecessary, it really doesn’t fit right in the return envelope. It’s certainly not brain surgery to make it fit, but it’s just one extra thing.

Someone online somewhere said the ballot looked like junk mail, so some might have been thrown out with the credit-card offers. I don’t know that I buy that, though. It says: OFFICIAL ELECTION BALLOT right on the front. That’s a pretty good clue that it’s a real thing.

Adrienne and I are also disagreeing about mail-in voting vs. in-person voting. My thoughts on this are that we should make voting as easy and convenient as possible. And for me, that means online voting. Why we haven’t figured this out yet is beyond me. What decade are we in? Let’s go, Science and Technology! Make this happen already. (Oh, but it’s not secure — right, like an envelope I just handed to a complete stranger with my name and address on it is secure.) And if we’re going to force people to vote in person, the day should be a holiday so it doesn’t interfere with work. I like the mail ballot just fine. Adrienne prefers voting in person.

Whatever. This is an important one. So fill in your ballot and put it in the mail. Damn. If fools and bigots keep running this city because not enough people could bother to vote, we deserve every miserable thing that happens to us. The deadline is April 5.

Baby pygmy goat can't lift the depression over low voter turnout.
Not only is it a pygmy goat, but it's a baby pygmy goat. Doesn't get much cuter than that, folks, and yet I am still troubled by the low voter turnout.