Wine and Cheese

Ok so I’ve been getting Food And Wine Magazine for like ever. I sometimes use the recipes but mainly I just like reading the articles. I never use the wine info. Like really never. So never that I kinda forgot it was even called Food And WINE. But the other day I was looking thru one of them and there was an article on the best wines of the year or something so I read it and cut out the info on the ones that looked good (and cheap hee hee). We have a really great liquor store near here so I went over there the other day and got one of the bottles that was recommended in the magazine. OMG it was awesome. It’s Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel and it was only 11 bucks!

Anyhow, so also Whole Foods out here does this new thing in their cheese department where they take the leftoevers of what they sample or something, not sure exactly what, and rewrap them into small pieces and put them in a basket labeled “try a new cheese for under $3.00”. I grabbed a few of them for our road trip the other day and we had them in the car. It was a great idea! We discovered two that we really liked and will be getting again. Saturday I bought 4 more and we had them with the yummy wine while playing cards the other night. There were a couple of good ones- really they were all good- and they were super good with the good wine. But nothing we’ll need to seek out again, I don’t think.

Tonight I’m making chili while DM watches hockey on TV. Go Ducks (hee hee). I love hockey guys hair- I mean, not mullets, duh, but when their hair (mullet) gets all sweaty on the back of their neck and sticks out from under their helmet. Hee hee. Ok so anyhow I started by making a recipe from The Joy Of Cooking. But it seemed sorta just eh so I searched online for “chili secret ingredients” and added all the things people said they used. LOL. Yea, it was a lot of different things BUT anyhow, so far it’s really good! It has to cook at least another hour so hopefully it will just get better.

Also, last night we went to a super divey bar in a dicey neighborhood and met some random people and played pool and sang karaoke. It was fun! Even tho I suck at pool and singing. Hee hee. The bar had been there since 1935 and was pretty much in original condition. Plus is had a super cool sign. You know I love that shit.