World Series Bar Hop

Ok so whatev with The Rockies’ poor performance last night. We went out last night to watch the game (AKA The Bloodbath). Downtown is chock full of bars and restaurants so we started at one end of the street and worked our way to the other end. Miraculously it was warm out- probably only in the 60s or so so we didn’t have to freeze our butts off. Before the game started every bar and restaurant on the street was packed! Everyone was all excited! We got a seat in a bar (Tony’s) directly under the TV and had some cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and jack n cokes, then moved on to another place for beers, then moved to another (Blondies) for chocolate martinis (ok I had a chocolate martini, DM had another jack n coke). By the time we got to the 4th place (around inning 6 or 7- Phanton Canyon) it was pretty much empty and the people who were there were all sullen, so we just went home. They’re doing a little better tonight. Colorado is excited to even have a team in the World Series, tho. I hadn’t even heard of them myself till about a month ago. Hee hee.