Five Things I Did…in the last two days

1. Went to the RV and Motorhome Hall Of Fame in Elkhart, IN.

2. Found a vintage ad for our trailer model.

3. Ate a delicious meal at White Palace Grill in Chicago.

4. Took pictures of Cookie Puss

5. Took a picture of Cookie Puss and Gus snuggling.

Five Things I Did Today

1. Decided to take an impromptu road trip to Michigan.

2. Had coffee at LemonJello’s in cute little Holland, MI.

3. Got a room at Haworth Inn which is on the campus of the Christian liberal arts school, Hope College. They didn’t have a pool or a hot tub. Hrm.

4. Walked around downtown Holland in the rain.

5.Had dinner at New Holland Brewing. I had a cup of chili and a yummy salad with dried cherries. Mike had one of their beers on tap and their house-made bourbon.



Five Things I Did Today

1. Made oatmeal with sweet potatoes.

2.Took pictures of Gus with my old camera and tried to figure out if there was something wrong with the camera or if it was just me.

3. Took The L to The Field Museum.

4. Shared a porchetta sandwich with Mike at Panozzo’s.

5. Took some pictures of the city from the South Loop.


Five things I did today

1. Took pictures of Cookie Puss and played with them in Photoshop.

2. Went up to Wilmette on the L and had breakfast and coffee in a retro diner.

3. Explored Evanston on foot.

4. Got reprimanded in an Evanston L station for taking these pictures.

5. Supervised Mike while he took apart the dishwasher and cleaned it.