Camping at Railroad Bridge, Arkansas Headwaters, Colorado

We never did get to camping at Railroad Bridge after we said we wanted to. We moved to Chicago shortly after that post was made and haven’t been able to go camping much. But we visited Colorado Springs to get the rest of our stuff from storage a few weeks ago and decided to go then. Our friends Shawn and Chenelle (and Bert!) came with.

First things first: Donuts from Amy’s in Colorado Springs. Since the Donut Mill is so unreliable, and Amy’s is new, we thought we’d give her a try. They were good!

amy's donuts, colorado springs

On our way! Rain as per usual.

rain in colorado

As soon as we got there we set up the tent and the rain fly! Since we sold the trailer, we’ve been tent camping again- but we bought a good Coleman tent with a huge rain fly. So far so good.

waterproof coleman tent

Next up, some fishing for Mike. Be careful, that water is deep and fast moving!


While I lounged and took pictures.




Eventually Shawn, Chenelle, and Bert(!) showed up.

bert and shawn at arkansas river

Later Shawn decided to try to make a campfire with some high tech fire starters he was reviewing for his blog. I scoffed and made one the old fashioned way.


Still trying…

how not to build a fire

Mine is taking off.

me and my fire

The guys finally gave up and used my fire for some tasty hot dogs.

The guys finally gave up and used my fire for some tasty hot dogs.

campfire dinner






goodnight moon

The next morning we tried to make another fire so we could boil water for coffee since we didn’t bring a stove. It was not as easy as we thought it would be but somehow it worked out. This coffee in tea bags isn’t so bad.

coffee in tea bags

Found a nice spot to drink it.


arkansas river, arkansas headwaters, colorado

Then packed up, took a couple more pictures, and went for breakfast in Buena Vista.



Had some coffee and a yummy breakfast burrito at Buena Vista Roastery.


Buena Vista Roastery, Colorado

Also got to see my favorite Colorado phenomenon: raining while it’s sunny.



colorado weather

Hope to return soon.


Things to do in L.A.- visit history

Do like the locals and stay out of the tourist traps! Captions are links.

One of the things I like to do when visiting is check out lots of old stuff- buildings, restaurants, neighborhoods. Most of the time I just drive around but since L.A. is so huge, you can check out some of the local historical societies for guidance. Then of course, you’ll want to eat and drink, so I’ve included some ideas on where to do that.

Glendale Historical Society

Los Angeles Historical Society

Pasadena Museum Of History

Burbank Historical Society

Mid Century Modern Glendale Federal Building

Mid Century Modern Glendale Federal Building

vintage window decorations

A vintage window decoration at what’s currently a Sprint store on California and Brand in Glendale

Go visit the upscale shopping center Americana At Brand, where there’s a new Nordstrom and a new Bloomingdales next door at the Galleria. See a movie, check out the Mac store, or just have a coffee and walk around. I don’t usually approve of the destruction of all the old buildings they did to put this thing up, but downtown Glendale was pretty far gone and this is a big improvement.

Then you can go to Pasadena for more shopping, visit the Norton Simon Museum, which is small enough to explore in a couple hours but holds a ton of great art.

Do some shopping in OId Town. Old Town is a great example of restoring and reusing the old buildings instead of just tearing them down and putting in a mall.

old town, pasadena, ca

Old Town Pasadena

cassell's burgers, los angeles

So vintage! Cassell’s Burgers at 3266 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020 So vintage, they don’t have a website!

cassell's, los angeles

Old Fashioned burgers at Cassell’s, Los Angeles

Fun vintagey decor at Cassell's

Fun vintagey decor at Cassell’s

Pick what you want at Cassell's

Pick what you want at Cassell’s

No, that's not an egg, it's a peach! Love the nostalgic food at Cassell's

No, that’s not an egg, it’s a peach! Love the nostalgic food at Cassell’s

I’m sure you all know some cool out of the way spots in the L.A. area, so be sure to let me know about them in the comments!

Meatless Monday Meal Ideas- Eggs In Hell

Eggs! There are sooooo many ways to make eggs, you could have them every Monday and not get tired of them. Plus they’re fast to make, and healthy, too.

Eggs In Hell (sometimes called Eggs In Purgatory): Basically eggs poached in marinara sauce. You can used jarred sauce, or make your own. You can even add other things like bacon (which makes it not Meatless Monday- maybe Meaty Friday or something instead). This makes a great breakfast, lunch or dinner.

eggs in hell

Poaching eggs in tomato sauce is really easy and so delicious.

eggs in hell

Eggs In Hell

It’s pretty easy, you just poach some eggs in some marinara sauce, then top it with some cheese. If you need a recipe, try one of these!

The New York Times

The Chow

Nigella Lawson



October in Chicagoland- corn mazes and pumpkins and delicious food!

Well, it took me almost a whole year to post these pictures! But I guess it’s OK because now is the time to go do this trip. We like to just get in the car and drive sometimes, so that’s what we did. We went up to Rockford, IL, then over to Madison, WI. Then came back down thru Wisconsin into Illinois again to a fun farm with pumpkins and a corn maze.

Rockford was kind of a bust. But we did find a The Wired Cafe that had espressos and a nice breakfast.

Breakfast Burrito from Wired Cafe,. Rockford,. IL

Breakfast Burrito from Wired Cafe,. Rockford,. IL

Madison is a cute college town! Lots of fun restaurants, bars, and cafes.

The view from our hotel in Madison, WI

The view from our hotel in Madison, WI

We had a great local WI type meal at The Old Fashioned in downtown Madison.

An Old Fashioned from The Old Fashioned in Madison, WI

An Old Fashioned from The Old Fashioned in Madison, WI

cheese curds in wisconsin

Cheese Curds! Sooooo Wisconsin

Mixed greens with Wisconsin cheese and local cherries

Mixed greens with Wisconsin cheese and local cherries

Is Wisconsin famous for chili?

Is Wisconsin famous for chili?

cobbler in wisconsin

Oh yeah, that’s cobbler

Breakfast was at Madison Sourdough, a great bakery with a pretty ambience.

Cafe latte from Madison Sourdough

Cafe latte from Madison Sourdough

ghost sign, madison, WI

I love old ghost signs

Heading back to Chicago, we stopped at Richardson’s Farm for pumpkins and a corn maze.

Corn maze at Richardson's Farm

Corn maze at Richardson’s Farm- it was hard!

Getting lost in the maze!

Getting lost in the maze!

Resting during our corn maze odyssey

Resting during our corn maze odyssey

Richardson's Farm, Illinois

Richardson’s Farm, Illinois

corn maze, richardson's farm, illinois

So Much Corn!

Fooling around at Richardson's.

Fooling around at Richardson’s.

We bought some pumpkins at Richardson's

We bought some pretty pumpkins

Blue Pumpkins

Blue Pumpkins?

Lots of pumpkins at Richardson's Adventure Farm

Lots of pumpkins

A petting zoo at Richardson's Adventure Farm

I love goats!

Overall it was a relaxing, fun Fall weekend.


A weird breakfast idea involving leftover cornbread

So, the other afternoon I was trying to come up with a plan for dinner. I was also starving. I also had some leftover cornbread. I googled ways to use the leftover, stale cornbread in my dinner plans, but got sidetracked by comments from different people on different message boards about how “their dad” used to put crumbled up leftover cornbread in a glass with sugar and milk. It was always “their dad” and I get the feeling it was mostly “their southern dad” by the way they were talking. What the heck? Why have I never heard of this before? Did I mention I was starving? I didn’t have lunch! Or maybe I did. I don’t remember, but anyway since I was starving, I decided to try this strange little delicacy. But instead of sugar, I used maple syrup. I also added some frozen blueberries. It was delish! So good in fact that I made it again for breakfast today. So now you know what to do with leftover cornbread. What weird foods do you make?

Leftover cornbread with milk, maple syrup, and blueberries

Leftover cornbread with milk, maple syrup, and blueberries