Cy’s Drive In, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs

Cy’s Drive In. One of three drive ins we like to go to. They apparently have carhop service but we just ordered at the counter and sat outside.

The chocolate shake was made with a soft serve mix, not real ice cream, so there’s points off for that.

The fries were about average. Nothing special but not bad or anything.

The burger seems small in this picture for some reason but it really wasn’t. It had my nemesis, raw onions, but I was able to easily take them off. It was tasty!

This week’s picture of my plants!

We’re going to Dallas next week. We’re driving and because of some recent new health problems with the cats, and the fact that it would cost $300 for the pet sitter to come all the days we’ll be gone, we’re taking the cats with us. I know, insane. But we took them for a trial run for about an hour the other night and they were totally good. Super chill. It’s 8-12 hours in each direction. We’ll be stopping half way in Amarillo both on the way and on the way back so hopefully it will work out. We’re staying at a La Quinta because they allow pets. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ve been taking a ceramics class this summer. I took ceramics in college like 20 years ago and liked it even tho I wasn’t very good at it. Still not great at it, but it’s lots of fun. Also it’s only three blocks away which is nice for lazy me. I made this little bowl then we raku fired it. I always wanted to do raku in college but was never advanced enough. They’d go out to the beach in SF and build a big pit and a kiln for firing then when the stuff was done, plunged it into sea water. ANYHOW this class had a funky homemade kiln, not in the dirt but we still submerged them in water. Well, I didn’t cuz I wanted mine to be white and crackly, so I stuck it in a dirt hole after firing. LOL. You can’t use raku stuff for food and it was just a small bowl so I decided to use it as a candle holder which I think is pretty neat afterall. The last class is this week and we’ll be firing some more stuff so I can show it to you in a couple weeks when I get back from Dallas. I know you all just CAN’T WAIT.

The other day I read about a happy hour type thing that they have at the zoo on the Sky Ride and thought it would be fun. You take the Sky Ride to the top of the zoo and then there’s wine tastings and stuff like that. We didn’t make it to that event but went the next evening for the regular Sky Ride. OMG what was I thinking? It was horrible. I HATE heights! I was freaking out pretty much the whole way up (7 minutes) and had to also go down again because there was no other way down.
DM thought it was fun.

Here we are at the top. I was really happy to be off that thing.

DM bought us a $3.50 ice cream bar and a $3.50 root beer.
I saw a cute chipmonk.

The view was pretty nice, I guess. I think you can drive to nice views, tho.

┬áSeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it’s dangerous!

Then we came home and made dinner. This was SUPPOSED to be baked brie. I guess next time I should use an actual recipe. However, even tho it looks weird, it tasted pretty good! Not creamy like it should be tho.

Then roasted asparagus with lemon, balsamic and parmesean from My French Kitchen which has turned out to be a really good book and I highly recommend it. DM said it was the best appetizer he’s ever had. Hee hee.
Pizza (what else!) with fresh tomatoes, basil, and ricotta. This is before it cooked.
This is after it was cooked. It was yummy. I guess you don’t really need a marble pastry board, marble rolling pin, pizza peel, and pizza stone to make good pizza. You just need a $5 secondhand rolling pin and a $3 Walmart pizza pan. Hrm. Interesting.

OMG there are insane squirrels here. remember the other day I told you that one ate the head right off one of my sunflowers? Well I guess they also go into the upstairs neighbor’s house thru his bathroom window!
They go in his kitchen and steal his food!He caught one of them in the act the other day, scared it, it ran out onto the deck and dropped a granola bar that whizzed just past my head. Sheesh.

I made this Warm Goat Cheese Salad today for lunch. Also from My French Kitchen

It was really good, too!

Santa Ynez Valley and L.A.

Mike┬áhas FINALLY come to California! He arrived at San Luis Obispo airport yesterday and I drove up to meet him. That airport is funny. It’s tiny. Looks like the airport in the tv show Wings.

Anyhow so we went to Pismo Beach and walked around and had lunch. I had some delicious clam chowder at Splash Cafe, which is sort of known for their clam chowder. It WAS really good.

Then we drove down highway 1 past lots of vineyards and strawberry fields and things like that to Solvang where we checked into The Wine Valley Inn. I had my doubts about it before we got here because of some reviews I read about it. But it’s cuuuuuuuuute. We got a loft room which is really cool.

After a nap we went over to Los Olivos to the Los Olivos Cafe and had dinner.

It was really good.

We started with some really tasty bread and olive oil with herbs thing. Then had some baked brie with port reduction sauce. DM had never had it before and he liked it. Yay! Then we shared a goat cheese and baby greens salad. It was good but unremarkable. You’ve had one goat cheese baby greens salad, you’ve them all. Then DM had spinach ravioli which I didn’t care for. I had chicken marsala, my favorite chicken dish. The marsala sauce was awesome but the chicken was a little dry. It came with some really good baby vegetables and mashed potatoes, too. Yum. We tried to have dessert but were just too full by then! I also had 2 glasses of local red wine and DM had some local beer.

I was so full I had to unzip my dress in the car. Seriously. OINK.

This trip was supposed to be all about the food. California food! We planned on eating till we dropped. Last night I was laying in bed thinking, NO WAY. But hey, I’m hungry again this morning and ready to go for more. I think I have a parasite from drinking that stream water a few weeks ago.

This morning we might go get pancakes! We’ll see if DM can roll with my pigginess. Then maybe go see some wildflowers and take a scenic drive to Santa Barbara for a quick lunch somewhere. Maybe at that taco stand that everyone loves. After that we head back to LA to have wine and cheese with my parents on their patio in front of their outdoor fireplace. They’ve never met DM so this should be fun.