Delicious homemade pita bread and a pizza

I made this pita bread recipe recently. It was really easy, really quick, and really good. Soooo much better than grocery store pita. Maybe if you live in a city with lots of Middle Eastern groceries and restaurants you can get better pita than I can, but if not, then go ahead and make this, you’ll love it. I don’t have a pizza stone so I did it on my metal pizza pan and it worked fine. I could only make one at a time, tho!

Homemade pita bread

Homemade pita bread

When I did it it made 6 pieces. So I froze some of them to bake up fresh later.

Around that time, the rest of my tomatoes that I had brought inside to ripen were ripe. I wanted to use them but wasn’t sure how so I just cooked them down in a saucepan with some olive oil, sea salt, and garlic.

The last of the home grown tomatoes

The last of the home grown tomatoes

The last of the home grown tomatoes

The last of the home grown tomatoes

I thought about making soup or something but they cooked down a lot so there wasn’t really enough to do anything big with.

I remembered the pita dough I had in the freezer so I took it out and defrosted it in the fridge.

Then I rolled it out, brushed it with olive oil, put shredded mozarella and the cooked down tomatoes on top and popped it in a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes. It was really perfect! The pita rolled out nice and thin like I like. Thinking I might use it as a pizza dough recipe again!

Pita dough pizza

Pita dough pizza

It’s not really any kind of revelation to use pita dough as pizza dough, all doughs are the made of the same basic ingredients. But still, I was pretty happy about how it turned out.

Do you have any other odd bread dough recipes you like to make into pizzas?


It’s been awhile since I’ve made a pizza. We got an email asking for our crust recipe, and I also wanted to try out the new oven so I made one last week.

I use different recipes- I should try them all out and really figure out which one I like the best. Anyhow, this time I used one from the Greens Cookbook.

As always, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly. Here’s what I did:

  • 3TBS hot water
  • 3TBS milk
  • 1 1/4 tsp active dry yeast
  • pinch of sugar
  • 1TBS olive oil
  • 1/4tsp sea salt
  • 1TBS whole wheat flour
  • 3/4 cup unbleached white flour

Combine the milk and water in the bowl of a mixer. Add the yeast and the sugar. Stir to disolve. Add the olive oil, salt, and flours and mix. Sometimes it’s too dry and you might need to add a little more milk or water. I added some more milk this time, which I think made the crust softer than usual. Mix the dough till it gets smooth and round. Then take it out, oil the bowl, and put it back in. Cover the bowl with a towel, put it in a warmish place, and let it rise to double in size. This took about 2 hours for me. The recipe says it will take half an hour, so your mileage may vary.

Ingredients for pizza dough

Ingredients for pizza dough

Kneading the dough in the mixer

Kneading the dough in the mixer

The dough getting ready to rise

The dough getting ready to rise

While the dough was rising, I made a tomato sauce. I still had tomatoes from the garden but they weren’t super tasty for eating raw, so cooking them brought out the flavor. I made a really simple sauce by heating up some olive oil, adding 6 chopped tomatoes some fresh thyme and a couple of minced garlic cloves and cooking it way down, almost to tomato paste consistency.

Cooking the tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil

Cooking the tomatoes, garlic, thyme, and olive oil

The tomatoes all cooked down and ready to go on the pizza

The tomatoes all cooked down and ready to go on the pizza

Heat the oven to 500 degrees.

Roll out the dough- you can toss it all restaurant-like, but I usually just pull it and sometimes roll it with a rolling pin, just depending on my mood. I don’t have a pizza stone, so I just use a metal pizza pan to cook it on.

The dough has risen!

The dough has risen!

Rolled out dough

Rolled out dough

You can brush a little olive oil and maybe some garlic onto the crust before you put the topping on. It keeps it from getting too soggy.

Olive oil and garlic brused on the crust

Olive oil and garlic brushed on the crust

Tomato sauce and mozzarella are the only toppings I used this time

Tomato sauce and mozzarella are the only toppings I used this time

Cook the pizza for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden brown.



How do you make pizza at home? What are your favorite toppings?


Cy’s Drive In, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs

Cy’s Drive In. One of three drive ins we like to go to. They apparently have carhop service but we just ordered at the counter and sat outside.

The chocolate shake was made with a soft serve mix, not real ice cream, so there’s points off for that.

The fries were about average. Nothing special but not bad or anything.

The burger seems small in this picture for some reason but it really wasn’t. It had my nemesis, raw onions, but I was able to easily take them off. It was tasty!

This week’s picture of my plants!

We’re going to Dallas next week. We’re driving and because of some recent new health problems with the cats, and the fact that it would cost $300 for the pet sitter to come all the days we’ll be gone, we’re taking the cats with us. I know, insane. But we took them for a trial run for about an hour the other night and they were totally good. Super chill. It’s 8-12 hours in each direction. We’ll be stopping half way in Amarillo both on the way and on the way back so hopefully it will work out. We’re staying at a La Quinta because they allow pets. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ve been taking a ceramics class this summer. I took ceramics in college like 20 years ago and liked it even tho I wasn’t very good at it. Still not great at it, but it’s lots of fun. Also it’s only three blocks away which is nice for lazy me. I made this little bowl then we raku fired it. I always wanted to do raku in college but was never advanced enough. They’d go out to the beach in SF and build a big pit and a kiln for firing then when the stuff was done, plunged it into sea water. ANYHOW this class had a funky homemade kiln, not in the dirt but we still submerged them in water. Well, I didn’t cuz I wanted mine to be white and crackly, so I stuck it in a dirt hole after firing. LOL. You can’t use raku stuff for food and it was just a small bowl so I decided to use it as a candle holder which I think is pretty neat afterall. The last class is this week and we’ll be firing some more stuff so I can show it to you in a couple weeks when I get back from Dallas. I know you all just CAN’T WAIT.

The other day I read about a happy hour type thing that they have at the zoo on the Sky Ride and thought it would be fun. You take the Sky Ride to the top of the zoo and then there’s wine tastings and stuff like that. We didn’t make it to that event but went the next evening for the regular Sky Ride. OMG what was I thinking? It was horrible. I HATE heights! I was freaking out pretty much the whole way up (7 minutes) and had to also go down again because there was no other way down.
DM thought it was fun.

Here we are at the top. I was really happy to be off that thing.

DM bought us a $3.50 ice cream bar and a $3.50 root beer.
I saw a cute chipmonk.

The view was pretty nice, I guess. I think you can drive to nice views, tho.

 Seeeeeeeeeeeeee, it’s dangerous!

Then we came home and made dinner. This was SUPPOSED to be baked brie. I guess next time I should use an actual recipe. However, even tho it looks weird, it tasted pretty good! Not creamy like it should be tho.

Then roasted asparagus with lemon, balsamic and parmesean from My French Kitchen which has turned out to be a really good book and I highly recommend it. DM said it was the best appetizer he’s ever had. Hee hee.
Pizza (what else!) with fresh tomatoes, basil, and ricotta. This is before it cooked.
This is after it was cooked. It was yummy. I guess you don’t really need a marble pastry board, marble rolling pin, pizza peel, and pizza stone to make good pizza. You just need a $5 secondhand rolling pin and a $3 Walmart pizza pan. Hrm. Interesting.

OMG there are insane squirrels here. remember the other day I told you that one ate the head right off one of my sunflowers? Well I guess they also go into the upstairs neighbor’s house thru his bathroom window!
They go in his kitchen and steal his food!He caught one of them in the act the other day, scared it, it ran out onto the deck and dropped a granola bar that whizzed just past my head. Sheesh.

I made this Warm Goat Cheese Salad today for lunch. Also from My French Kitchen

It was really good, too!

Misc. Colorado Springs Things

I meant to write about the two weeks The Dange had off but we didn’t wind up doing all that much. It rained a lot of the time. We spent some time doing things around the house, working on planting the deck, eating, drinking, cooking, hanging out with the cats, and going for bike rides. Now that we live downtown we ride all over the place. On Sundays we ride to Starbucks and read the New York Times and drink coffee like people who live in a normal city…:) There are also TONS of trails, bike paths, alleys, and even just plain bike lanes here so it’s really fun to just hop on the bikes and go. The weather, as usual, is insane. Snow, wind, hail, rain, sunshine- practically all in the same day. Anyhow I think I’ve posted some of these pictures before, I can’t remember (they’re not all from the “stay-cation”).

Bike rides!

Cool retro dry cleaners by the house.

One day we rode our bikes to an oldey timey hanburger stand which was delish. There’s a bike path that goes all the way thru the city, passing by both our place and the stand…:)

DMs bday lunch at Steuben’s in Denver. it’s trying to be sorta retro 50s and I guess it’s doing a decent job.

Peach cobbler!

I had green beans, mashed potatoes and an iceberg wedge with blue cheese, yummy. DM had fried chicken. I’m not sure why I don’t have a picture of it!

One of my masterpiece pizzas. Tomato sauce and ricotta.

Carmelized onions, asparagus and cheese. It looks weird but it was super good. Even The Dange liked it.

DM at Smashburger. It’s a new burger place here in COS that everyone seems to love. DM eating some chili with an ice cream spoon because they were out of regular spoons, WTF?

He ordered some kind of fancy burger with BBQ sauce that they mistakenly left off, and fride onions. MMMM.

They have two almost identical burgers on their menu, both pretty basic. They gave me the wrong one but I didn’t notice till I was at least halfway thru. Still, it was pretty tasty but a little too salty. I enjoyed it more than DM did. The fries were some kind of fancy garlic rosemary fries and were just ok.

Ordered a chocolate malt and got a chocolate shake. The service wasn’t very good and it was extra lame because there were only like 2 other tables in there. Still, the shake was good!

They also have pretty cool decor.

Another pizza, carmelized onions, cheese. Then after it’s cooked, salad mix with hummus drizzled on top.

Plain cheese pizza.

Cookie Puss lounging.

The Colorado Springs Eddie (but fatter than the real Eddie) at Tony’s bar downtown Colorado Springs!

DM in Tony’s. We have a love/hate relationship with this bar. We love it cuz it’s really nearby, just a couple blocks so we can walk. They have really good bar food, they’re always open. But the service sucks and it’s always full of annoying college students. There’s Colorado Springs Eddie in the background again.

Doing the aformentioned walking to Tony’s! It’s so close we can even walk there in a blizzard.

Homemade biscuits and gravy. I don’t eat pork anymore so no sausage gravy. I made this out of chicken drippings. It was really good.

Cookie Puss and PJ. I can’t believe how huge Cookie Puss is now. You may remember the pics I posted when he was a kitten and how he was so tiny compared to PJ. He is almost 18 pounds now and PJ is only about 8. PJ has chronic renal failure (he’s 15 years old) and doesn’t have a very good prognosis. But he’s hanging on and enjoying life as a cat. We have to give him subcutaneous fluids twice a day and a bunch of other medications but all in all it only takes about 5 minutes per day to do and he’s pretty good about it.

I don’t know what this was all about. We were probably drunk.

The red floor. It took 5 coats of paint and I still have more to do. Gotta sand it down one more time, put on another coat or two of the red, then some kind of polyeurathane or something.

Us in Boulder. I had to wear the hippy clothes so I could fit in.

I made this last night. Mexican chili soup with fried tortilla strips, Mexican cheese, sour cream, cilantro, and avocado.

Also made chicken tacos with all the fixin’s. That’s a caipirinha in the background. My current fave.

Fatburger. We’re trying to find the best burgers in town so we’ve been going to a lot of different places in a lot of different categories. We’re going to post it on our food blog at when we’re done. I am ashamed to say we haven’t updated it in AGES.

Fatburger is Fatburger, we have them all over LA. I remember them being better than the one I had the other day. Still, it was good. I think I liked Smashburger’s better, tho. DM likes the Fatburger better.

Their shake wasn’t nearly as good as Smashburger’s.

Wade’s cafe in Colorado Springs. They’re known for their pancakes and they win Best Pancakes all over the place all the time. It was packed and we actually had to wait which never happens here. I was not impressed with my huevos rancheros.

DM liked his breakfast and the pancakes WERE really good. Still, not as good as the REAL best pancakes in town which are to be had at Maggie Mae’s.

DM is now into fly fishing. He took a class and got all the gear. He even caught some fish!

I guess after that lame huevos rancheros I decided to make my own. I honestly don’t remember this at all.

Here’s DM practicing casting. And getting the line stuck in the tree. Not the best place to practice, Dange! Note the junkyard chic we have going on in our back yard.

Cookie Puss!


They are always stalking the squirrels, who are really quite bold. Yesterday I let them out and suddenly Cookie Puss lunged toward the chair where I didn’t realize, was a little squirrel! They never come down onto the deck itself. He tried to catch it, it scooted away, right toward PJ! Who tried to get it, and it went back toward Cookie. OMG It was horrible. I thought for sure one of them was going to catch it and hurt the little guy. Not to mention getting rabies or some such shit. I managed to pick both the cats up and put them in the house and the little squirrel jumped the fence and into the tree.

All wound up and being fierce.

PJ is constantly going over the fence and into the backyard. It’s not really a backyard, it’s more like a parking lot. Anyhow he’s not supposed to be over there but he does it anyway. For someone on his last legs, he’s extremely fiesty. He does have a bad day here and there but most of the time, this is his M.O.

Here are some pics of the various weather on the deck

That plastic is there because it hails a lot here. Including yesterday. I had been meaning to make a more permanent structure for hail protection but hadn’t gotten around to it. Yesterday out of nowhere it started pouring down hail. I bought this plastic awhile ago and had DM drag it out for me then we went out in the hard rain and hail and covered everything. We were only out there like two minutes but were completely soaked all the way thru our clothes. It was insane. Today I went out and covered them at the first sign of thunder. Sheesh.

The following are various seedlings and plantings. You’re not really supposed to plant tomatoes till this weekend but I did it the first week in May. Luckily we didn’t have any snow and they’re doing pretty well now. I’ll keep taking pics as the summer goes on. I’m trying to do everything by seeds this year, so we’ll see. It’s a pretty short growing season here, so…

Ok so that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my Oh So Exciting Life!

Staycation furlough, home improvement, and homemade pizza

DM is taking a madatory furlough this week and we didn’t feel like going anywhere so we’re staying home.

The Dange worked on installing a dryer vent this morning.

Here’s how it looked earlier:




Anyhow, here’s how it looked when it was done:



And here he is with his neat reciprocating saw that I got him for his birthday, which is on Monday. As it turns out he didn’t really use it for the dryer vent but still, we had to have a picture of him with it.

While he was working on that I did some of my own Pink Kitty work and that kind of thing. Not exciting but stuff that needed to be done. I also made a homemade roast beef for sandwiches. I let it cool in the fridge and it WAS pretty easy to slice thinly with a regular knife. I almost used the reciproacting saw! Dange said that would be overkill, tho. Anyhow, it was super yummy.

At some point his mom came over and hung out for a few minutes. But she forgot his birthday present so later we went over to her house and got it. Three bottles of whiskey! Sheesh!

Then we went to an art show in Manitou and drank free wine and ate free cheese. The art was neat, too.

After that we came home and I made some little pizzas.

Asparagus, onion, and sundried tomato with fontina cheese:

And tomato sauce, ricotta and mozarella:

This is why I got fat, apparently.

Also, I drank wine and Dange had some of the fancy whiskey from his mom.

And that’s a wrap. I guess now we’re gonna go watch Iron Man. Can’t wait. Ask me if you’ve never heard my Robert Downey Jr. story.

Meanwhile I leave you with a cute pic of Cookie Puss and Dange while I was in LA last week.